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The Meaning of Social Mobile

There are two technologies that have captured the imagination of the human psyche in the past decade that at first glance seem to be superficial. The Meaning of Mobile and Social

The “social networks” that allow us to share minor moments such as “I am having a coffee at Starbucks”.

The “mobile smart phone” that allows us to share that event as it happens.

It is also seen when we video an event on a mobile and share it on Facebook or Twitter. It is evident when we capture a sliver in time on Instragram and share it to friends, family and followers. It is observed when receiving comments on your blog that turn up in your email inbox on your mobile.

We are all now starting to realize that its meaning has moved beyond play and simple online self expression. They are now embedded and part of our popular culture.

The power is in the moment, of what is now a “global community” with technology that provides a platform for far reaching expression and transforming feedback.

So why have these two technologies captured our imagination and have been such a powerful force for change and motivation? Why have these seemingly benign activities become significant?

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1. Portal of Magical Possibility

The small screen provides a magical portal to a gigantic world of possibility. It connects us to global tribes that transcend your current location and perception of reality.

They allow us to suspend disbelief and dream.

It provides us access to information and insights that seem to offer infinite opportunity. This is compelling and addictive.

In the past, human endeavor was driven by wondering what was over the top of the next hill, around the corner or what lay on the other side of the ocean. In a knowledge economy and culture we wonder what lies beyond that hyperlink and what will we discover when we click.

2. New Age of Global Tribalism

The sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself that connects us and gives us meaning has been with us for eternity. Connecting to people of similar beliefs has driven the creation of movements such as religion and politics. Tribes are not just about beliefs but shared interests, hobbies and passions. We can now connect with widespread global tribes with inexpensive and intuitive technology.

Fringe and segmented cyber communities can now flourish and communicate with rich multimedia, which allows the flowering of new ideas and inspiration.

Google conducted an anthropological study to see how people felt about their mobiles that provides further insights. (view it in the slide deck above)

3. The Dream of Reaching our Full Potential

Access to the global tribe makes it possible to glimpse into the world of the top thought leaders and experts. You can see what is possible.

The extraordinary is now visible and aspired to.

In a world of seven billion people the observing on YouTube of  the performing of amazing feats of skill makes the impossible seem possible. We see start-ups with little money but big ideas turn into companies that transform an industry. We see individuals with nothing more than a laptop and an internet connection perform seemingly magical feats of creativity. This rapid revolution of industries and media led by inspired individuals are no longer measured in decades but a few short years.

There is something powerful happening. Self actualization is now accelerated and globally synergized.

4. Global Feedback

Expressing yourself has never been easier. As we write, video and  share, we impact others. Your expression of your thoughts and ideas changes your community and tribe. The impact may not be large but nevertheless it does create change in some small way. In return the feedback also changes you as the comments turn up in your blog post and people tweet your articles and content.

As a child, receiving a gold star told you that you were on the right track. Compliments from friends and families ensured you repeated the behavior. Conversely actions that received a reprimand were often stopped.

In a mobile social networked world, behavior reinforcement is in real time and powerful as the global community votes for or against your expression through likes. retweets and comments. It is a hyper-charged and global reinforcement.

When the world speaks we tend to take notice.

The science fiction writer William Gibson has admitted he was wrong about the web.  “We are not abandoning the real world for cyberspace but are mapping cyberspace into our world

This is providing a glimpse into a new future with all its infinite inspiration and opportunities.

As thought leaders, entrepreneurs, businesses and creatives, we need to establish a corner and intimate connection to this world so we remain relevant, connected and inspired.




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