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The One Word That Will Change Your Life

The One Word That Will Change Your Life

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I was annoyed.


Here I was talking with a client that was demanding the impossible.

It wasn’t the first time I had these types of conversations.

I asked “When  do you want delivery?”

“Next week” was the reply.

My short answer.

“Yes…..we can do that”.

I was traveling that week and had to pull all nighters to deliver for a dysfunctional corporate ladder climber.

You know.

The ones that know more about politics than performance.

I slept in the car to recover as my partner drove.

My team back in the office worked 18 hour days.

But we delivered.

On time.

A few weeks later the client said we weren’t providing good enough service.

They had found another supplier.

At the time I was devastated.

But the truth.

I came to realize a few months later that I should have fired the client first.

Not even taken them on.

I learned that not all clients are worth working for.

Life’s too short.

It’s tough

Business can be tough and life can be hard.

But many of us from childhood are encouraged to be nice.

Agreeable and compliant.

Share our toys.

Agree with our parents.

Say yes to the teacher.

Obey your elders.

Always help out.

And nothing wrong with any of those.

They are rites of passage.

And necessary.

We need to live together, have productive and friendly communities and get on.

Getting on?

Getting on with people is a valuable skill.

It allows us to build relationships.

Attract friends.

Grow personal business networks.

But as you get a little older that constant attitude can be a problem.

It removes your freedom.

Your life is centered around everyone else.

Helping them with their goals.

Their dreams.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

If it is not stopping “you” from growing, learning and making a difference.

Achieving your passionate purpose.

Getting important work done.

Going along with the crowd

Saying “yes” just to please and to be agreeable.

Going along with the crowd.

Can stop you getting ahead in life and as an entrepreneur.

While your goals and dreams and priorities are parked.

You are helping other people get ahead.

We all need to be better at saying another word.

A shorter word.

That word is “No”.


When should we say no?

That is easy to say but hard to do but it’s worth the effort.

Here’s some ideas.

Say no those who just want to use you.

Say no to spending time with those who are constantly negative.

Say no to activities that diminish you.

Say no to tasks that aren’t important.

Say no to poisonous and dysfunctional clients.

Say no to distractions that take you away from your passionate purpose.

Say no to drama based relationships.

It’s time to reveal the rebel.

The crazy one.

Who makes a difference and gives themselves the time and space to change the world.

Sometimes you will be called selfish.

But if you want to….

Write a book.

Start a business.

Create a masterpiece.

Craft a life.

Saying no more often will be a habit you need to learn.

For some of us it will be hard to even utter just once.

But you will need to start practicing saying “No” a lot more often.

Learning that is is a habit and skill worth developing.

Start today.

Time to say no more.

Put up the “do not disturb” sign.

Important stuff is happening.

And that will change your life.

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