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The Top 5 Social Media Channels

Marketing is going through a lot of changes due to the rise of the Web and the latest technologies, including Social Media where you can easily and efficiently publish and promote your content and get your message out to your customers and potential clients.

The old marketing paradigm consisted of cold calling, mass media (radio, TV and newspaper), fax broadcasting, direct mail and all the other traditional marketing mediums. The ability of these channels to produce effective cost efficient results is waning as new technology such as caller ID, email spamming filters, as well as government regulations being put in place such as do not call registers.This is what you could also call “Push Marketing” or “Interruption Marketing”.

The “New Rules Of Marketing”  is about getting customers to engage with you when it suits them and to start having conversations with them.via blogs, forums, and other types of Social Media” that eventually leads to them being pulled to you as they provide email or RSS subscriptions to your unique and valuable content and information that helps them find solutions to their business problems or “pain points”.

In this video I look at what are the Top 5 Social Media channels and the some of the interesting facts and figures that will give you some insight in to how these platforms can assist you in pulling customers to you by gaining their permission. 

This is the first in a series of videos. In the upcoming videos I will look in more detail about how to apply the “New Rules of Marketing”  to your business to generate more leads and sales as well as to reduce the costs associated in acquiring New customers.

So what “Social Media” Channels are you currently using?

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