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The Twitter Tool I Can’t Do Without

As a teenager it is always good to earn some extra money to buy the clothes and gadgets that the allowance your parents provide just won’t stretch to.The Twitter Tool I Can't Do Without

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Peter, a friend of mine and I decided to look for some holiday work to top up our meager income. He had some contacts in a local steel plant that was offering some holiday shift work that paid well.

The only challenge was that it was a 12 hour night shift.

On taking the job I was given the task to sit on the other side of a machine that chopped large pieces of metal into smaller pieces of metal. Task two was stacking those small pieces of metal into piles on a pallet.

This was brain numbing. By the end of the first night I was thinking, there had to be a better way.

I also had an insight about my future career path and it was “not” going to be in a steel fabrication factory!

Twitter can be tedious

When I started with Twitter it was great to see people start to retweet my content.  On a social web it is not just  about you, so you need to share other people’s content that adds value to your followers and friends. This can be done a few ways. I can follow their Twitter feed and retweet their content when they tweet it. Another way is to check their blog for new content.

The problem is that this can take a lot of time and it is tedious. I thought, there has to be a better way.

So I had to find an answer to the question. How can I share fellow bloggers content that I trust without sitting at my computer all day?

The Twitter tool that saves time

In my quest I stumbled upon Twitterfeed.com that allowed me to share great content from other bloggers on automatic pilot. It meant that every time they published a new post it was tweeted into my Twitter stream.

It serves three purposes.

  1. It shows up in my Twitter feed and alerts me to new content from bloggers who know their stuff. They publish and I learn.
  2. It also places valuable information into the Twitter accounts of my followers. They discover.  
  3. It makes sure that I don’t miss sharing their new content every time it is published. The tool handles it and doesn’t forget.

So how do you use it?

Step One: Create a new feed

Go to the top of the Twitterfeed dashboard and click on the create new feed . In a few simple steps you will improve your social media effectiveness.

Twitterfeed.com step one

Step Two:  Create a name for the feed

In this example I am entering Jay Baer whose blog “Convince and Convert” is one of the top marketing resources on the web, especially in the area of content marketing.

Twitterfeed step two create a name for the feed

Step Three: Advanced settings

I would recommend that you tweak your Twitterfeed so that you also let the blogger know you are sharing their content.  So at the bottom of the “Step 1” page click on advanced settings.

Twitterfeed advanced settings

Then enter the Twitter name for the blogger whose posts you will be sharing with the @ before their Twitter name.

Twitterfeed Jay Baer

 This will ensure that the blogger knows you are sharing their blog posts on Twitter. This could create awareness about you and could even lead to them sharing your content.

That only has to be a good thing!

Step Four: Select and authenticate your Twitter account

The last step is to enter your twitter account  and then authenticate it.

Twitterfeed step three

You are now done!

This will free you up to write more blog posts. Engage with your followers and spend valuable time on creative tasks.

What about you?

As humans we are always looking to use tools, machines and computers to do more with less.

What do tools do you use to save time and improve your efficiency? Are you for or against automation?

Look forward to hearing your stories and opinions in the comments below.

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