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This is Why Facebook Is Treating Us As Fools

Facebook Treating Us As Fools

Ever walked past a shop with people lining up? Wanted to choose a restaurant to grab a bite to eat?

Empty is for losers and seeing evidence of popularity is vital in how we play the marketing game.

It’s called social proof.

And that is why renting a crowd can be useful.

It is also one of the quickest ways to build credibility online. But we all have very limited time.

Social proof

Creating social proof with a quick glimpse of numbers like shares, followers and views are part of that game. We need to make sure that the metrics are seen with a passing glance and made front and center .

So that is why we get excited when we see an online video with millions of views. It grabs our attention. Success attracts more success.

But here is the thing.

Facebook technically counts a view as “When one pixel is seen by a user on any screen for three seconds with sound off” according to marketing academic Professor Mark Ritson.

How excited are you now?

Metrics that matter

Creating online videos is important for engagement and building credibility and trust in a brand. You can record yourself to send out to your viewers later or you can do it “live” for that real authentic experience.

So be careful what you focus on as the shiny new media toy’s data may be look good on the outside, but it maybe just a waste of time.

Sure…..we need to measure, but the metrics the platforms are telling us maybe a little on the side of hope and optimism.

Just focusing on views as the only metric of success is dangerous.

It may not be fake news but it’s sounding a lot like the traditional media impressions metrics. Inflated and somewhat superficial…..and not worth getting out of bed for.

It is just an “impression”.

Spending time on marketing that matters can be the difference between success and failure. Make sure the activity, tactics and metrics we place a priority on are where we place our efforts.

Is Facebook treating us as fools so they can keep us addicted and coming back and pulling out the credit card?

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  • Engagement is how I measure social Jeff. Especially on Facebook. Which means when 5 or 10 or 15 folks comment on my Facebook Live videos and/or Like or Love the updates, AND keep showing up regularly to Like or Love and comment, then I know my passion and love and fun in creating videos is reaping solid rewards.

    I almost never play the numbers game. Because numbers do not subscribe to my blog, or buy my eBooks or Like my videos or comment on my videos. Numbers cannot do any of these things. Engaged human beings can though, and will, if you diligently create targeted value, keep at it and engage folks like crazy on your social networks.

    Fab message.

  • Howard Lee Harkness

    Rumor has it that FB is now shadow-banning fan-page posts unless the fan-page owner pays a tribute for each post. BTW, I linked to you in my latest article on MakeMoneyBlogging (dot) net

  • Very good point Jeff and most people dont understand this, so in that respect they are being probably disingenuous than say YouTube which needs 30sec of watching to count as a view.
    However of course once the smart brand worked this out and screamed and shouted, at least now Facebook allows you to get more into the weeds and see the audience retention rates by % of time etc for your video’s.

  • Facebook technically counts a view as “When one pixel is seen by a user on any screen for three seconds with sound off”

    This is ridiculous – I think Facebook video views which attracts even more views is not technically correct.
    But I am sure its a technique of FB to increase the number of views on videos – FB Tech Team you are extremely clever…..

    I think this technique should be used by other Social Media outlet as this will attract more impression & conversion.

  • Awww, he’s carrying my face!

  • Yes, thank you very much. Even as marketers we are being sucked in by the program of other marketers. I always remember that someone is the sucker, and I try to make it the other guy, not me. Thanks for the insight.