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This One Simple Tactic Can Double Your Facebook Engagement

This One Tactic Can Double Your Facebook Engagement

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Social media junkies have taken notice that organic Facebook interaction has decreased dramatically. As mentioned in a recent blog post, research is showing that only 4% or less of people are seeing your page updates in their newsfeeds when you post on Facebook.

If you want to generate more organic interaction without having to reach into your wallet to promote every post, can this be achieved? If you creatively show off your company and the people that work hard every day to keep the business running, you’ll be able to double your Facebook engagement and attain a greater organic reach on Facebook by following the three steps below. We like to call it brand personality!

Creating the brand personality

When my company (The Media Captain), implemented the “Brand Personality Social Tactic” for our clients, we noticed a 110% increase in engagement on their posts on a weekly basis. If you follow the simple steps below, you’ll be able to achieve similar success while your competition (the other 96%) is getting buried in the newsfeed.

Step 1. Employee recognition

The “Brand Personality” program was implemented in March of 2014 for a local plumbing company in Ohio. Before we took over their social marketing efforts, it would be a good day if they generated 2-3 “Likes” per Facebook post.

After our kick-off meeting at their office and getting to meet all of the awesome technicians and staff members, we knew it was a no-brainer to feature these hard working associates to all of their social followers.

We started to profile a new employee each week and not only shared what they do on a daily basis in the office, but also show off their great personality. The photo below generated 67 “Likes” and 9 comments and reached 1,574 people, an all-time record for The Waterworks!

Double Your Facebook Engagement

Not only does this type of content provide a great personality for a company, it recognizes the hard working employees who dedicate a majority of their time to growing the business.

Step 2. Creatively show off services

In a recent article by Ad Age, the piece talked about effective ad creative. It mentioned that advertisements using regular photos saw a 2.35% click-through rate while Instagram type shots averaged an 8.00% click-through rate.

Creatively showing off your brand through images is a key component on social media nowadays. If you take the time to invest in photos of your product or services and implement a strategy on the messaging behind each photo, you’ll see your interaction skyrocket!

A luxury apartment company in Austin and Charlotte started to take Instagram type photos of their rental communities, knowing that it would resonate with their target demographic. Showing off these filtered photographs with clever captions not only helped interaction on their social media channels, but across all web platforms.

Below are pictures of the communities of Quarterside, Cityview, Canyon and McAlpine. The photographs were not only tremendously successful across social, they were able to implement the pictures onto their website, display graphics and videos and online advertisements.

Double Your Facebook Engagement

Grab a camera and start taking stunning pictures to show off what your company is all about. You’ll be seen as trendy and it will be an extremely strong selling point for your business.

Step 3. Have some fun!

Our company had someone on the team take pictures of our staff over the course of a day to show-off the type of work that we do on a daily basis. Instead of the regular posed photographs, we wanted more action shots, to convey that we have a good time when working on digital marketing projects.

We now have over 50 pictures that we utilize across all of our social media channels. We post 1-2 of these pictures per week and they consistently garner the most interaction, especially on Facebook. This campaign literally took us a morning to pull-off and is the backbone of our social media strategy!

The caption for the image below? “No frowning allowed when we work on online marketing strategies.”

Double Your Facebook Engagement

Whether you are an agency trying to boost interaction on a client’s behalf or work internally for a company trying to increase their Facebook efforts, follow these 3 steps of “Brand Personality Social Strategy” and you’ll achieve amazing results.

Our agency has seen an average of a 110% increase in organic interaction by implementing this campaign.

What are you waiting for?

Grab a camera, recognize your employees, creatively show off your services and convey that your company enjoys coming into the office. We guarantee that you’ll achieve similar results!

Guest author: Jason Parks is the Owner of The Media Captain. Follow @The Media Captain on Twitter!


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