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Top 5 Social Media Articles Of The Week

I thought I would share with you some of the best social media articles that I have come across this week. Top 5 Social Media Article

These blog posts are a mix of the latest news, thought provoking articles (maybe even a touch intellectual) and there are some multimedia posts including Slideshare and YouTube that should both entertain and inform.

1. How to Promote Your Blog on TV for Way Less Than You Think

Google has just announced “Google TV” which has been in the works for quite a long time and has partnered with Sony and Logitech.

Google TV is part of Google AdWords, and it works much the same way. It’s an auction-based system where you choose the price you want to pay. Obviously, the more you pay, the more people you’re likely to reach. But it’s possible to run an ad on network television for as little as $20…..Read more
(Courtesy: Dean Rieck from ProCopyTips.com)

2. Bloggers: 5 SEO Tips (that won’t make readers gouge their eyes out)

A lot of bloggers write great copy but forget SEO, so this simply put post is a good starting point for bloggers who want to improve their blogs Google ranking for those important keywords and phrases..

..Read more Courtsey Keisha Easley:

3. Do You  Have A Network In Place

Since I have been reading tribes by Seth Godin I have a greater appreciation of the value of a Tribe or a Network. So this post from Chris Brogan puts an  interesting slant on how the new tools provided by the new networks provided by social media should be in the mix, both for your career and if uyou are considering starting a new business…Read more

4. Roadmap: Integrating Social Technologies with your Corporate Website (Slides)

I am still dumbfounded by the fact that nearly 50% of companies still don’t have a website. The other aspect to this is that a lot of companies have websites that are brochureware ..(read…. static, boring and give very little reason for readers to come back as they offer no value to the website visitor)  so this article and slides by Jeremiah Owyang hit a chord with me. Read and view more

5. Social Media Revolution 2 (Refresh)

Erik Qualmann has produced some highly entertaining YouTube videos about Social media that put its growth and scale into perspective that is always inspiring for all the social media evangelists out there. So here is his updated video with a few new statistics and graphics that comes with a pumped up sound track..view and enjoy

So which of the 5 posts were your favourite or if none took your fancy what was the best post you have read or viewed this week?

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