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What Is The Secret Of Success For YouTube Stars?

If you want to aspire to be the top in whatever niche you are in or aspire to whether that be sport or business it always worthwhile to look at what the top players do and have a closer look at how they have achieved their success and study their habits.What is the secret of success for YouTube stars

The thing to keep in mind with these YouTube stars is that with the demographic of YouTube being predominantly 18-34 year olds (they make up 34% of the viewing audience) that if you are a little older you might not find the top ten to your liking.. I certainly have felt the cringe factor cut in while viewing some of these videos but hey I am not 34!

Before we take a closer look let’s look at some more of the latest facts about YouTube.

  • The monthly unique visitors to YouTube in May, 2010 totaled over 103 million
  • An average of 24 hours of video is uploaded every minute
  • 5.8 billion videos were streamed in the US in June , 2010
  • 2 plus billion videos are viewed globally every day
  • 1 hour and 12 minutes is the average time spent on YouTube per month in the US
  • 47% of the global internet audience visited YouTube.com in April, 2010

Source: Flowtown

Yesterday we listed the top five ranked YouTube stars, today we look at those that round out the top ten.

Ranked Six

Shay Carl is a 21 year old who is very prolific with over 300 videos on his YouTube channel titled “Kalebnation” and again comedy is the thing (it didn’t make me laugh though). Total views in the past year stand at 192 million with Tube Mogul estimating his earnings at $140,000.

Ranked Seven

This is Greg Benson with his channel called “Mediocre Films” which he produces and publishes once a week (yawn…comedy again).  What does he say about himself on his channel

Hiya! We’re the idiots who bring you Gay Leprechaun, Retarded Policeman, Excellent Questions, Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show, Celebrity Sock Puppet Theatre, Greg Hits Hollywood and lots of other insane stuff. NEW VIDEOS EVERY THURSDAY!!!

Greg’s video views total 159 million and the estimated banner ad earnings stand at $116,000 as estimated by Tube Mogul an online video aggregator and distributor.

Ranked Eight

This comedy duo (Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox) call their channel  ‘Smosh‘ with the viewing numbers around 154 million with estimated earnings  at $112,000. (I certainly felt the cringe factor engage here)

Ranked Nine

So here we have a YouTube channel called “The Young Turks” and it is a daily talk show with a focus on politics with some news, pop culture and entertainment thrown in for good measure.  On viewing it the presenter’s demeanour and style remind me a young Jay Leno.  What does their profile say

The Young Turks (Winner – Best Political Podcast & Best Political News Site of 2009) were the first original talk show on Sirius satellite radio and the first live, daily webcast on the internet

Total views to date stand at 153 million plus and estimated earnings for the last 12 months approximately $112,000


Ranked Ten

This is the Australian, Natalie Tran who uses her YouTube titled “Community Channel”  to discuss some of the day to day issues with Gen Y women but done with a clever dose of subtle humor and satire and has currently attracted  138 million views with estimated earnings of $101,000

For me the learning from all of these whether you hate or love the content is that they are passionate about what they do. In essence that is the number one secret to their online video success.

What do you think?

Image by by Rego – twitter.com/w3bdesign

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