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  • http://alt164-alt164.blogspot.com Juan Manuel Escuredo

    Hi there. I believe most of the 57% planning to use emails are those who also are designing post mails (DM) in html :)

  • http://www.flowtown.com Dan Martell

    Amazing Post! Especially the stats on the top 3 Media for marketers – all low cost, high impact. I’ve been bullish on Email for a while, and continually trying to figure out how to cross pollinate social media and email marketing.

    What I’ve done.
    1) Used Social Media as a Net – Attract People, Then Call-To-Action to an Opt-in. (Plan on testing Mobile via http://www.tagga.com soon!)
    2) Add value in email – deepen relationship.
    3) Connect users (via email) to other social profiles. Brand + Personal

    A good friend tells me that the best way to “monetize” social media is via a Tele-seminar – although I haven’t tested that, nor do I think it’s universally appealing.

    Either way – I continue to test (I’m big on metrics) many different customer acquisition channels.

    All the best.


  • http://www.indiemark.com/ Scott Hardigree

    Really good post. You might find that our most recent blog entry dovetails your thoughts perfectly, it’s titled Get Your Email On (http://bit.ly/2S0hAy) .

    It’s written by Brian Massey a noted columnist and author. Brian goes as far to say “If you don’t have your email marketing efforts nailed, you have no business investing in social marketing.”.

    Scott Hardigree


  • http://www.social8media.com Social8Media

    I am not sure why people are still planning on spending 50% on keyword search as shown in the first graph above. With social networks evolving at their current pace and with real time social searches due to Twitter opening up to Google, Bing and Yahoo, I just do not see how key word search deserves that much attention. My team has been using http://www.yauba.com/ for real time search which we have found to be very effective.

    I think people are actually underestimating the role that social media campaigns are going to take on in the very near future. The technology will push us their based on mobile platforms and access to large amounts of data from real time streams.

    • http://www.dinkuminteractive.com Flem

      I’m thinking Social8Media that by these statistics, people are not underestimating the role of social media campaigns. That’s a high percentage of marketers jumping into reasonably unproven waters. I think it sounds like you’re underestimating Search actually. It’s the bread and butter (and email marketing too..it still works) of many of our clients and that’s w/o social. Add social into the SEO mix and you’ve got a nice little boost. Pay attention to social and you get some traction.

      Poor online video seems to have dropped quite a bit over the past year or is that partially rolled into social networks?

  • http://www.theemailguide.com/blog Jim

    Hi Jeff,

    I found the recent numbers interesting and I can’t say I was surprised when telemarketing was the least liked.

    As I said at TheeMailguide.com blog last week: “eMail marketing is kind of like a puppy wagging its tail at you and waiting to be picked up for a snuggle. Telemarketing is more like your next door neighbour’s Rottweiler greeting you when you arrive home from work by tackling you and licking your face like an empty peanut butter jar.”

    Jim Ducharme

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  • http://www.pure360.com Abi

    Another great post thanks Jeff.

    We’re constantly trying to educate the need to integrate email marketing with channels such as social and encourage people to go beyond just adding a ‘share’ button to the footer. Now we know marketers have put social up there with email – perhaps we’ll see some more joint up campaigns between the two!


    Abi Clowes
    Marketing Manager

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  • http://www.bloggingbookshelf.com Tristan

    Wow, I’m surprised that radio is so high on the list! I wouldn’t have thought so! Thanks for this great post.

  • Eileen

    Interesting study from Nielsen. I believe that social media usage does indeed drive increased open rates in complementary email campaigns and as a marketer I would try to make sure social media and emails were integrated. But, I wonder if Nielsen’s study would find increased click through if one looked one click further. Perhaps the open rate is enough, but part of our email campaigns was to drive traffic to one’s site and I found click through to vary wildly. Thanks for the thought provoking article, Jeff!

  • Akshaytrenzy

    Yes email marketing has become very important in reaching customers.
    As is explained in this article

  • http://www.thecomplexmedia.com/blog theComplex

    Definitely surprised at radio’s position! I will say that it’d be interesting to see just how well email is really performing. What are the click-throughs?

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