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  • http://www.drakemusic.info Drake

    Thanks for this article I have been looking for more infomration on B2B social media and this is just what I was looking for. I am suprised that Forums are the biggest driver for B2B marketing and by such a high margin. I have subscribed to your blog and will await more interesting articles thanks.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/jfavreau jamiefavreau

    This is a great list.

    I tend to believe Linked IN is great for B2B solutions.

  • http://www.ericrier.com/ Eric

    Great article. Some of this data is overlooked far too often. Bottom line : if you want to sell on the internet, make sure you have a forum!

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  • http://www.pinkhamedia.com Edia Pinkham

    Thanks, valuable info

  • http://citizentools.netalyst.com Christoph Berendes

    Useful info for this b2b noob. A tip in return: use [title] tags for your post. It’ll make it easier to bookmark this in Delicious, and improve the look in Google search results…

  • http://heligonix.com Steve Visio

    Blogging is a good tool for answering questions relative to b2b services your company offers. A way to allow people to connect with your team and evaluating your offerings.

  • http://www.tbsusa.com Benita Tyler

    Great job, Jeff. This post helped me to have a better perspective of the rankings for social media channels in B2B purchasing. I was really surprised to see that blogs came in at only 18%.

  • http://www.hightechmg.com Jens

    Hi Jeff, thanks for that post. Forrester should also asked for the relevance of sites like slideshare.com. Especially in B2B, this has been become an important resource to support the procurement process of technology buyers.

  • Michael

    We were surprised to see Twitter as such a low percentage on the board?

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  • http://netvani.com Anne Patrick

    Hi Jeff, you really had great posts. This one also help me a lot in finding useful social media channels. Since I found your site, I had good site statistics in terms of number of visitors and search results. Your ideas and knowledge are all effective as well as those shared links and tools. Thanks a lot.

    • jeffbullas

      Thanks for your kind comment Anne and I am so glad that you are getting great results and congratulations to you for acting on the tips Cheers

  • http://dcmobiletext.com/ text message marketing

    Business blogging provides a way to showcase news and products, demonstrate your knowledge as a thought leader, and provide information that is valuable in your industry. Great content will pull visitors to your site, where you have the opportunity to develop trust and loyal customers.

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