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20 Things You Should Share On Social Media

I recently participated on a marketing panel where the discussion topic was titled “Digital and Online. What’s Next” and a lot of the discussion and questions were about social media and social media 20 Things You Should Share On Social Mediamarketing.

There is a distinct trend within digital marketing called “content marketing” that has emerged as marketing continues to evolve  that is facilitated by social media.

Social media allows information to be shared and amplified by online word of mouth…also sometimes called “world of mouth”. Previously the only way you could share information was through actual word of mouth in your town or village square either face to face or telephone. Social media with its ease of use and it’s power to share information virally to many friends at once is changing the marketing landscape.

Many  marketers have not picked up this emerging trend of content marketing as it is not currently mainstream.

Hubspot is one of several  B2B Technology companies that have developed a technology platform that  leverages the “Content Marketing” through optimizing and promoting  that content through Search Engine Optimization and Social Media.

So we now have 3 New Pillars of Marketing and they are.

  1. Content including text , video and powerpoint presentations amongst many other types of media
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization).. to facilitate that content to be found by people using search engines such as Google.
  3. Social Media.. to amplify and leverage the content through online word of mouth

A recent guest post on the Hubspot blog by Zack Urlocker covers how effective this type of marketing has become when he said.

” When Sun Microsystems acquired MySQL in 2008, we applied the same techniques (inbound marketing through content) across Sun’s entire product line of software, servers and storage. The results were significant. In the course of a year, we increased the lead volume by 100x and created a pipeline of revenue approaching a $500 million annual run rate.” ..Now that is a B2B marketing strategy that is worth pursuing.

Also Lee Odden from Top Rank Blog adds to the discussion and takes a closer look at enhancing your content marketing with a post title ” 10 Steps to Optimize Your Content Marketing Strategy”  that is certainly a great read on the topic.

I recently wrote a post titled “30 Things You Shouldn’t Share on Social Media” which highlighted some of the  negative aspects of social media.

To be  positive I decided that I should list “20 things you should share on social media” that can assist your business to be viewed as a leader in its industry and drive inquiry and sales and help you get found online.

So here is a list that might assist you with what things you should be sharing as a business on social media.

20 Things You Should Share On Social Media

  1. YouTube Videos reviewing products or showing how to construct a product for DIY
  2. Photos of events, exhibitions and post them on Flickr
  3. If you are a creative business and create images and art also put them on Flickr or other social media sharing sites
  4. Audio recordings of your online videos put them on your website or blog
  5. PDF documents of offline archived information that is appropriate to put online
  6. Slideshare presentations
  7. Graphs
  8. Infographics
  9. Webinars
  10. Podcasts
  11. Music if you are a musician
  12. Text format  of your video blog posts
  13. Microsoft Office Documents
  14. Notes displaying keypoints from your power point presentations
  15. Newsletters
  16. Press releases about your brand
  17. News items about your company
  18. Your Bookmarking such as Delicious, Stumbleupon and Digg
  19. Competitions shouldn’t be just advertised on traditional Mass Media  but shared via social media  ..have a look at Ford’s Fiesta competition
  20. Share your humour.. mix up your serious content with some humourous photo’s, articles and even cartoons

Every one of these different types of content or “digital assets” can be published on multiple social media channels that are appropriate to leverage your content by world of mouth.

What content are you sharing on social media and can you do it better?

  1. Posts from your blog
  2. What you are passionate about in your business
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  • Excellent article – very enlightening, thanks! Just starting on this social media marketing venture, and this brought more clarity on how to go about it and how not – great! Anton (@avbosman)

  • I know that #20 is actually fairly important to me. ..there is something so “leveling” about humor. It’s a gift I can give that I know will be appreciated.

  • Good list!

  • Great article, useful content and always helpful to know. One gets such differing opinions from folk and it can get quite confusing. I have made a note of these tips and will keep them handy for when I am planning my content, and I will have favourited your blog so that i get updates. Thanks again. Cindy @notjustagranny

  • Good ideas. You might want to correct one minor typo — it’s instead of its. “Social media with its ease of use and it’s power to share information…”

    • In response to Tom Gable’s post, there’s another it’s that should be its on this list; also, photo’s should read photos. While SEO options and rules of social media are amended almost daily – and keeping current is a challenge; thanks for your blog! – we can’t allow the old rules (of grammar) to slip at the same time. If we do, communication suffers.

  • Very helpful list. Give me some more ideas to be on social media. But I believer, rather than using all from list, should use few on regular basis.

    Still, would say very useful. Thanks

  • Patty Swisher

    Good list, Jeff. At the professional services firm I work for, we’re still “dipping our toes” into the vast waters of social media. Posts such as yours help clarify what is okay and what is undesirable to include. Your post and others that are similar also serve as a barometer of what others think about what is acceptable in the social media realm.

  • Excellent article, Jeff. Your list include several items we identified as areas of improvement for Vox|Optima’s social media efforts. The biggest challenge so far is getting people into the “social media mindset.” That “a-ha” moment where they say to themselves, “hey, this would be good for the blog …” I plan on sharing your insights with the rest of the company, so thanks for this.

  • Thanks Jeff! http://card.ly/rcl4rk

  • Thanks for mentioning humor and a human voice. Too often I see companies embarking on social media as a one way sales channel. Their Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts and other mediums are a continuous feed of sales-centric rubbish. Thanks for reminding us to put the “social” back in social media.

    • floridafrecks, I could not agree more. it gets so boring when the same people just post link after link of sales stuff. its annoying actually. i do market my product but i keep it to a minimum and try to make it informational rather than in-your-face selling.

  • Brad Stager

    Interesting material.

  • #20 for sure!! It cannot always be serious


    March 30, 2010 by Net Visibility Group | Edit
    Is Facebook Prepping Up Something Against Google Analytics

    if you are maintaining a Facebook page, you might have received an email from Facebook containing a summary of the activities that happened in the past on your Facebook pages. This started last week, and a couple of hours ago I received another email again. While the page analytics contain just some basic data about your page’s activities, its interesting to know that Facebook actually compiles all these activities. And makes you think whether this might be the start of a bigger traffic analytics product.

    Well, Nick of All Facebook thinks so when he noticed that Facebook’s latest Javascript libraries suggest that Facebook might be preparing to roll out Insights beyond Facebook and this might be discussed during the f8 conference happening in San Francisco.

    Using the following API call developers will be able to track various types of event, says O’Neill.

    FB.Insights.impression({api_key: ‘YOUR_API_KEY’,lid: ‘EVENT_TYPE’} );

    What remains a mystery though is whether this will be integrated in individual websites or will be a part of an enhanced “Like” feature in Facebook.

    Is Facebook planning to launch a new product that will compete with Google Analytics? Something that would go beyond what Facebook Insights being use to track activities on Facebook Fan Pages, perhaps? We might know soon.

    More info at Net Visibility Group @ http://WWW.netvisibilitygroup.com

  • In undertaking a content marketing strategy, there are some basics that have to be considered first that will help to inform that content and make success far more likely. I speak with many companies who are jumping piecemeal into ‘online marketing’ and social media never having asked and answered some key marketing communications questions. Who are their audiences? Where do those folks go online? What does the company provide to them that they need? What key messages must prospects/customers hear consistently so that they understand what the company offers and how it can help them? How is the company positioned in the marketplace? Where are competitors going online? Anytime businesses are re-assessing their marketing efforts or undertaking new ones, it’s an opportunity to revisit the ABC’s before moving ahead.

    • My sentiments exactly. “Should” in my opinion is relative to the objective. You should only do/implement those 20 items Jeff has listed which will advance or achieve your social media objective(s), and not because “everyone else is doing it.”

  • Great article, as a Social Marketing Start UP company myself I found this insightful and educational, thanks!

  • Great article! Nice to hear of some positive ways to share.

  • Just starting out on new venture – this article very helpful, thanks for pointing it out.

  • It’s becoming quite a balancing act to have a serious presence online and manage to get enough time for chargeable hours. As a web marketing business, online marketing time is important, quite obviously, but how should a service provider make best use of the time hungry demands of good online marketing?

    Thanks for the tips.

  • Thank you for this blog. It was really useful and informative. I have read others on a similar subject and this is one of the best I have come across.

  • Think the sub-title for this blog should be if it isn’t on this list, don’t share it, at least not on your business social media.

  • Very comprehensive list, many thanks. I would add just one more.

    Share the human face of your company. If you’re bothering to tweet, it means you believe social media has a value for connecting people. Be a “human” not a “robot”. Share some personal items but nothing private. Also share links of interesting events/people/places in your community.

    I’m coming at this as a sole trader in a vibrant rural community, that is populated by many small and dynamic businesses. One of the biggest factors about doing business around here is, we do business with people we know and people like. I believe that sentiment can apply to any business, any size, in any field.

    • . Be a “human” not a “robot”. > WELL SAID : )
      i have realized that some company are acting as a robot , it feels awkward

  • Informative… 🙂

    Visit my blog–> Stay Blessed

  • Thanks Jeff. Good list of what should make the cut.

  • Photos of events (as per number 2) and post them on Facebook tagging people 😉

  • The last point, humor, is the most important. Sure, it’s great to post awesome content that lets people know you are an authority in your field. However, without a personality to back that up, people won’t truly connect with the content provider. People will always be more prone to doing business with companies/people they know, like and trust. Let them know you’re human.

  • You’re right on as usual, Jeff. Content, SEO and Social Media are marketing pillars that companies can no longer afford to ignore, and this is a great list to share with business owners struggling to figure out what to do. Thanks!

  • fun facts related to your space…it does garner good number of RTs 🙂

  • Show your personality of your company, be likeable and provide content that is exucational and ertaining at the same time. Love your blogs.

  • Kanrawi

    Good list especially the last one, share your humour!

  • Very helpful list here Jeff. I would also add Customer Testimonials to this list.

  • Planmyad Ooh

    Content marketing is definitely painstaking job. But it’s worth it and many thanks for the detailed list. ( posted by https://planmyad.com )