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  • http://thecreaticians.com Hayley Solich

    Hi Jeff

    I was surprised to say the least that in Australia they can serve Australian Court Summons on Facebook!

    I guess the Australian government isn’t that dumb after all.

    Surprise, surprise.

    I was just saying to a friend of mine last night, won’t it be great when companies in Australia cotton on to the value of employing people like us to manage their social media and pay the money its worth!

    After all, it is a specialised communications field, right.


  • http://lakeside.com.np/ Lakeside Techies

    Quite fascinating facts about facebook.

  • OrganicGuru

    It is amusing to see so many people from California on FB. I wonder if it’s mostly unemployed actors trying to reinvent themselves thanks to SM and banking on it! Hmmm….

  • Elmseeker

    You’re missing a fact, 28 and 29 are the same thing, just worded differently.

    • Frank

      I don’t think so. Notices and summons are not the same.

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  • http://RichardBejah.com Richard Bejah

    Another great Post Jeff, I am nearly average on FB based on your figures Though I do prefer Twitter as my preferred Social Media tool.

    Great to be made aware of all these facts.. THANK YOU RICH :0)

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  • http://www.melodylealamb.com Melody Lea Lamb

    What a great list of fascinating facts about Facebook! Loved it.

  • http://www.maximusbusiness.com Emmanuel Ruthe

    Just a slightly bit out of date ! Facebook is second now after Google, worth a bit more O.O. but still some fun facebook facts :) Thanks for this

  • http://try-me-the-book.com farah d

    Yet more annoying trivia to waste time on. How about a real life sometime than a virtual one all the time?

  • http://www.raymondfong.net Emelda Waker

    Yes you are indeed true! Facebook has 500 million users and counting! I have not known a person who does not have a Facebook account. Indeed Facebook is very popular.

  • http://homeopathyworldcommunity.com Debby

    Hi Jeff – cool list. How often will you update it. I’m sure “Facebook has over 500 million users” will change…

    thanks! Debby

  • http://www.kylelacy.com Kyle Lacy

    Should we be concerned that there is an actual mental illness related to Facebook use? Interesting facts to say the least

    • http://sometimesithink-krissy.blogspot.com krissy knox

      @Kyle — I think there could be an actual mental illness (addiction) related to FB usage. But it would depend on each particular user and how much time they spent on FB as to whether or not they had the illness. There would be other things involved that would portray whether or not someone had an addiction, the most important of them being — does the person’s FB usage interfere w the daily functioning of his life? If one wanted to know if they were addicted, perhaps he should ask himself: Has FB made my life become dysfunctional and unmanageable? Am I no longer getting things done that I used to do — like cooking, spending time w family, going to meetings, etc. Am I on the computer for endless hours and neglecting my family? Am I prematurely stopping my visits w my offline friends constantly, as well as stopping work or chores prematurely (or never getting to them in the first place), so that I can “get my cookies out of my cafe so they don’t burn” or so that I can do some other thing on FB, that in the scheme of things may not be that important, or of top priority.

      I think it is about if one’s life has become unmanageable or not. It’s also about if a FB user is getting depressed and anxious if he can’t be online and especially on FB. It’s about if he gets agitated, jittery, panicky or sometimes even hostile if he can’t be online for some reason. It’s about if one goes through withdrawl if one can’t be online. But before a FB addict even develops to a point of going through withdrawl if he can’t use FB for some reason, there are earlier signs to take note of. If one is spending hours and hours online daily, andd not getting things done that he should, and his FB usage is effecting his offline relationships, then perhaps he had better stop and take assessment of his online usage. And he’d better get professional help if he can’t cut back his FB usage.

      No, I’m not a doctor. I’ve just noticed some FB addiction.

  • http://www.emmacossey.co.uk Emma

    Interesting facts, amazing to see how much of an effect Facebook has had on our lives in such a short space of time.

  • http://stellashopper.com/ Nicole

    Fun facts! Is it true though that while Facebook is 2nd to Google in traffic hits per day, it’s #1 in time spent on the site per day?

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  • Tony Dines

    The most trafficked Facebook group was ‘Rage Against The Machine For Christmas No.1′ in the UK. It went from 1 member to 1.1 million members in under 3 weeks and even ‘disappeared’ on occasions due to the weight of wall post traffic. It was aiming to beat music mogul Simon Cowell to the coveted UK no.1 single at Christmas and succeeded.

  • http://sometimesithink-krissy.blogspot.com krissy knox

    I’m quite amazed that “50% of users are on the site every day.” While connecting with others online is important, isn’t the rate of FB usage a bit excessive? Perhaps that’s just my opinion, and the answer is very subjective. But I just don’t get into FB that much. Now, most of the time, you can find me on Twitter, almost daily, LOL. But I get off the computer and enjoy the sunshine also! :)

    Thanks for sharing these facts about twitter — they were interesting! :)

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  • http://coastalwestcoasthomes.com claudia anderson

    amazing information..I love Facebook…I was hoping to generate more business from it…with time I’m sure I will. I thought it was very interesting what you said about interntional users being such a big percentage of facebook users.

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  • Jamie Beckett

    Interesting stuff, but pls note – it’s Australians, not Australian’s. Plural, not possessive.

  • http://twitter.com/amootweets Amoo Venture Capital

    And for all you FB-fans here is a factsheet we created a couple of weeks ago (December 2010) with some more FB info: http://blog.amoo.co.uk/2010/09/technology-venture-facebook.html @amootweets

  • http://twitter.com/RalphBastarache Ralph Bastarache

    Facebook itself may not be a fad but #30 on your list is definitely a FAD!

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  • Bvreml

    Glad they let us know about the 70 different languages. It would be weird if all 70 languages were the same.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/francisca.jemeni Jemeni Francisca

    Astounding, this is mind boggling revelation. Everything is happening on Facebook now and I think it is also time for people to make the best of it. Use judiciously,

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  • digiconze

    cool stuff!