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  • http://dangalante.me/ Dan Galante

    Jeff, you wrote a great article. I touched on some of these points you have discussed in my article Building the Brands of Tomorrow. http://wp.me/p201s8-26
    I enjoy reading your blog and I recently subscribed. Feel free to subscribe to my sales and marketing blog http://dangalante.me/ . Keep up the great work!

  • http://www.tomorrow-people.com/blog Sookie Shuen

    Hi Dan, thanks for your comment. Will check out your article on that topic!

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  • http://twitter.com/jaynalocke jaynalocke

    My favorite is #2 – The rise and rise of user-generated content. Clever wording!

    Of course it means there is more to sort through, and more to digest. But I think as a society we’re ready for it. We know how to separate the fluff and stuff from relevant content in the blink of an eye. It also pairs nicely with #6. Marketing that is more down to earth, real and personal will win the game.

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  • Pamela Schott

    Hi, Jeff:

    Another great post. We just increased our video posting over the past couple of weeks, and that has really pushed our traffic and visitor engagement.

    We also started adding a blooper reel here and there to our content, just to let people know we are humans who don’t take themselves too seriously, and that has been fun.

    Thank you for the continued insight. My husband first heard you speak at a conference in San Francisco a few years back, and we have been benefiting from your expertise ever since.

  • Anonymous

    Much food for thought – and for action. Intriguing post. To the “rise and rise of user content” I would add another: key an eye on Apple. They’ve just announced what could be the most dramatic move in user content since Gutenberg printed a Bible in 1450. Normal people can now easily and quick created textbooks – really, any book – and instantly publish it to the world. That is HUGE. Apple’s next conquest will to reinvent education.

  • http://www.marketvidpost.com/ Rick Dearborn

    If I can comment again.  Another factor driving video in 2012 is that mobile devices display video images better than text.  Who carries a magnifying class around?  With video, you don’t need one. 

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  • http://www.vertalingofferte.nl/ vertalingofferte

    user-generated content is definitely the most important one. The new generation is used to adding comments, notes, uploading links. It’s the most normal daily activity for any average person with a profile any where!

  • Manjari Patrikar

    Your article is superbly awesome. I’m so satisfied with the information. I was always confused about this topic,Thank you so much, please keep writing such articles.
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  • http://twitter.com/C_Treyes Carlos Reyes

    Great article! One of the interesting challenges of brand presence is the use of the different platforms while still being able to deliver the same message. Companies that are able to understand and leverage the difference in communication styles are the ones who i find to be truly innovative! 

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  • Kimberly Erskine

    I definitely agree with numbers 2 and 8. It’s all about interactivity. If companies interact with their users on a day to day basis and listen to their suggestions the marketing is much more effective. Sometimes (especially on Facebook) companies can open the door for discussion about their product in ways that don’t even seem like marketing. 

  • http://bizmarketingbuilder.com/ marketing strategies

    When i undoubtedly go along with volumes 3 in addition to 8. It truly is information about interactivity. In the event corporations interact with the end users using a every day groundwork in addition to focus on the strategies this advertising and marketing is quite a bit more appropriate. From time to time (in particular with Facebook or myspace) corporations can certainly start the door intended for talk in relation to the solution with techniques of which tend not to possibly could be seen as advertising and marketing.

  • http://rohit269.blogspot.com/ Rohitt269

    I so impressed the way you express your thoughts and the content that use.I follow your blogs and read them daily. Thank you for posting such wonderful informations.

  • http://www.yogico.pl/ serwis klimatyzacji

    Thanks for sharing the information about top 10 marketing trends and i gathered many information from the blog.Keep on updating.

  • http://twitter.com/ComedyandAds Comedy and Ads

    Big fan of your blog. Simple and to the point opinions and insights! Always sharing your posts on my @ComedyandAds twitter account.

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      Thanks and glad to hear you are enjoying the blog. :)

  • Fatmir

    What about Emotional Marketing & Metrics (Marketing is the new Finance now) aren’t they trending topics for 2012?

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  • http://twitter.com/c_leveled c-leveled

    Most of these trends will continue into the coming year, especially the focus on consumer interaction.

  • http://www.multiinfotech.com/website-design/ecommerce-web-design.html Ecommerce Solutions

    I remember in the mid-nineties when he began popular sites. The association is really understood how to use the website, but everyone wants one. I think we’re a little further along the curve with social media today, but the similarities are interesting.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jutta.harms.79 Jutta Harms

    Inspiring like always. Social media and content marketing with showing the company’s personality defines the brand. Without it, a company will more and more just become a commodity.

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  • John Allred

    The information given in this blog is very interesting and useful also. Thanks for sharing with us.