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18 Key Observations about the State of Blogging in 2011

Blogging is a profession and a passion that has been transformational.

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18 Key Observations about the State of Blogging in 2011

The feedback has changed and informed me. I have written, travelled, presented and networked.

It has allowed me to learn and to communicate with a global audience that has been enlightening, inspiring and empowering.

It asks questions of you. Will people appreciate your thoughts and views? Will I be seen as funny, clever or just an impostor and interloper?

It is a place for courageous people and those who have a thirst for learning.

The Naked Blogger

Blogging exposes you to a world wide audience that sees all your ideas, thoughts, spelling and grammar mistakes.

The term the “Naked Blogger” has a certain truth.

Brian Appleyard of the “London Times” says this about blogging.

“The blogscape is not for the faint-hearted….There’s a shocking disconnect between one fact — you sitting at your computer — and the next — what you just wrote being instantly visible to the entire world. Try to think of it as like stepping out of the toilet to find yourself standing on the centre spot at Wembley on cup-final day”.

But don’t let that image stop you blogging!

I have met the most awesome people that have reminded me of how connected we are and how lucky we are to live in a time of technology that provides us with boundless opportunities.

What have I Learned about Blogging in 2011?

It continues to surprise me as the social web continues to transform society and culture.

So what some key observations for me in 2011?

  • People want more Infographics
  • The continuing evolution of an increasingly “visual web” that communicates quickly and efficiently with images.(Pinterest and Tumblr)
  • People “love” sharing
  • Social media has supercharged blogging
  • People’s continuing obsession with Facebook
  • Twitter is still an enigma
  • The contagious leverage  of “liquid content
  • People’s thirst for learning
  • The power of a competitor to drive change as the success of Google+ has increased the speed of evolution at Facebook
  • The mobile Internet cannot be ignored

What have you learned about blogging in 2011?

The Bible of Blogging Survey

Technorati is known within blogging circles as the “Bible of Blogging” and once a year it surveys the blogosphere to find out what directions and trends that are influencing bloggers and the state of blogging.

Here are some key findings that I thought were worth sharing.

1. Bloggers are Influenced by other Blogs

The blogosphere is influencing itself – respondents say that the number one influence on the topics they blog about are other blogs they read, a huge jump from 2010.

Blogs influence Bloggers

2.What Content when Blogging about a Brand Produce the Most Positive Response?

Among Hobbyists and Professionals working with brands, product reviews have elicited the most positive response. Among Corporate and Entrepreneur bloggers, the best response has come from advice or consultative content.

Blogging about Product reviews produce the most positive response from readers

3. How Many Bloggers are Approached By Brands to Review Products

Bloggers are being actively courted. Nearly four out of 10 overall, 59% of Professional Part Timers, and 66% of Professional Full Timers have been approached to write about or review products. Pros are approached eight times per week on average. The most frequently approached Hobbyist, Professional Part Time, Professional Full Time, and Entrepreneur bloggers report being approached more than 200 times per week.

Bloggers approached by Brands to Review products

4. Is Blogging Being Taken More Seriously?

More than two thirds believe their blogs are getting taken more seriously as sources of information, with 76% of Professional Full Timers agreeing.

Is blogging being taken more seriously

5. Media Habits of Bloggers

14% of bloggers spend at least 21 hours per week visiting social media sites. About two thirds spend less than an hour watching TV shows on their computer, tablet or smartphone or uploading photos to photo-sharing sites.

Media habits of Bloggers6. Blogs for Ideas, Inspiration and Entertainment

This is the second year we surveyed consumers on their trust of and attitudes toward the media they consume. Compared with other media, blogs continue to outpace other social media and many traditional media in terms of trust and generating consumer recommendations and purchases. Facebook remains somewhat influential, but less so than blogs, and Twitter has seen a drop in influence over the past year.

Blogs for ideas and inspiration and entertainment

7. Why Do Bloggers Blog?

70% of all bloggers use their blog to share their expertise and experience with others. Professionals also use their blog as a way to make money or supplement their income. Corporate and Entrepreneur bloggers are looking to gain professional recognition, while also using their blog as a way to attract new clients to their business.

Why do bloggers Blog

8.The Impact of Blogging on a Blogger’s Life

Overall, respondents seem to feel that blogging has had a positive impact on their personal life. 54% of respondents agree that they have made friends through their blog, and the same number agree that they have become more involved with their passion areas as a result of blogging. More than 60% of Corporate and Entrepreneur bloggers have gained greater visibility in their industry through blogging.

Impact of blogging on life

9. Bloggers and Twitter

82% of bloggers surveyed are using Twitter, with almost all Professional Full Timers (93%) and Professional Part Timers (91%) using Twitter and having on average over 1,000 followers. Those who use Twitter say they do so to promote their blog (77%), follow friends (60%), and bring interesting links to light (59%). Professional, Corporate, and Entrepreneur bloggers use Twitter to promote themselves professionally.

How bloggers use Twitter

10. Bloggers and Facebook

Almost nine out of ten bloggers surveyed (89%) use Facebook. 50% of all bloggers have separate Facebook pages for their blog and for their personal account, a jump from only 34% last year.

Among respondents who have only a personal Facebook page, 60% are not linking their page to their blog in any way.

The Importance of a Facebook page for the Professional Blogger

Facebook pages and bloggers

Facebook the Marketing Network

Among Facebook users, the most common reason for using the social network is to promote one’s blog. 61% of Entrepreneur bloggers use Facebook to promote their business.

How bloggers use their Facebook page

11. Bloggers and Google+

More than six out of ten respondents use Google+. Of those who use this service only 13% have a separate account for their blog and personal use.

Bloggers and Google+

11. The Most Effective Social Media Marketing Tools

Other than Facebook and Twitter, the most popular social networking platforms among respondents are LinkedIn and YouTube. Not surprisingly, respondents found Facebook and Twitter to be the most effective social networking tools to market their blogs and drive traffic.

Most effective social media marketing tools

12. What do the Marketers Say about Blogging?

Some quotes from the marketers.

We usually have the option to share an article and/or an entire custom unit on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Additionally, we are running a blogging placement that allows bloggers to engage, then blog about it amongst their peers.”

“Social media is the glue to the mass messages. We attempt to integrate all of our campaigns so the paid, owned and earned are all working together. We do this for all of our clients.”

“I would have to say blogging and how it is being used has been the biggest development in social media. Individuals trust bloggers, especially those who are seen as influential. Blogging can either have a positive or negative effect on a campaign, brand or product. Individuals will make decisions based on comments made by their peers or by someone they feel confident in.”

Blogging and Marketers

13. The Top Blogging Platforms

WordPress is the most popular blog hosting service among all respondents, used by 51%. Blogger and Blogspot hosting services are also popular (21% and 14%).

Top blgging Platforms

14. The Top Blogging Tools

Particular blogging tools are very widespread among bloggers, especially built-in syndication (75%) and social sharing widgets (75%), as well as site search (58%). Among bloggers who use built-in syndication, the majority (76%) support full content.

Top blogging tools

15. Why Bloggers Don’t have Advertising

Among those who do not have advertising on their blogs, 52% say they do not have advertising because they don’t want their blogs to be cluttered with ads, while 38% said they don’t have enough visitors to make it worthwhile. Another 36% are not interested in making money on their blog.

Why Bloggers don't have advertising

16. How do Bloggers Manage Advertising

Among those with advertising on their blog, 60% use self-serve tools, while 50% have affiliate advertising links on their site.

How do bloggers manage advertising

17. How Do Bloggers make Their Money?

Most blog-related revenue is generated through giving speeches on blogging topics and advertising.

How bloggers make money

18. Professional Bloggers Get the Most Traffic

Professional bloggers receive the most views, with over half of the blogs viewed more than 10,000 times per month.

Blogger page views

What do think about the survey? Does anything surprise you?

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