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  • Jo

    I’ve just started using StumbleUpon for my business and seen an increase in website traffic… it would be nice if others could stumble my content though so I’m not identified as a spammer. I have the button on my blog but nobody tends to use it.

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com/ Nick Stamoulis

    When businesses get involved in social media they tend to only think about the big networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.  However, social bookmarking sites can also be beneficial.   Being active on a site like StumbleUpon can get your content noticed by a new audience and help generate traffic to your site while building links.  

  • http://www.digett.com/ Amy

    You mention how *not* to use StumbleUpon, but what are some examples of good ways to use it? Is it consistently stumbling and liking stuff that’s not your own?

    • Tyler

      Yep, I agree Amy. Somewhat of a mis-leading headline. No real strategy here…just identifying what StumbleUpon is and telling us not to Stumble our own stuff. 

  • http://bizbuildingtoday.com/ Mike


    I had the the widget on my blog for months and no one would never stumble my posts. Just recently, I saw another blogger on Twitter  sending all her posts
     through StumbleUpon. I tweeted some old blog posts through StumbleUpon and people started to use the StumbleUpon widget to stumble me. One post got
    86 stumbles in 1 day. I check Google Analytics and I had 11 new visitors from StumbleUpon.

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  • http://twitter.com/webfacesolution Web Face Solutions

    There are many ways to connect to your potential clients.  But knowing what to say helps as well.  Here are a few tips from our blog http://t.co/bmmUJJGJ

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  • http://twitter.com/bobangus bobangus

    Stumbleupon has been a great source of traffic for my blog. Somedays several thousand visits vs. a few hundred from other sources. That said, the readers are fundamentally different than organic search or other social media sites. The average time on site is usually 1/4 that of other sources and generates less leads per visit.

    That tells me that Stumbleupon traffic is looking for something that grabs there attention fast and they want to get onto the next article quickly (even faster if not immediately engaging). So there are two things that I plan to do:

    1. Put a tag that identifies the source is Stumbleupon and send them to a modified version of my content – punchy headline, not a lot of introduction, and scannable, bulleted layout of the same content.

    2. Ask for a thumbs up. Certainly it will signal I know they are a Stumbler. Maybe the reader can come back later if they want to read more like a kind of bookmark. And definitely I would get the benefit of a ton of traffic.

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  • Vijay Sharma

    nice ! i also mentioned about the stumble upon but this is good too. if you don’t mind i paste comment link here. http://www.klientsolutech.com/10-stumbleupon-website-benefits/

  • Leslie Scott

    Looks reflecting and interesting post. Me and my husband are too a business owners dealing with the old and used cars. Will stumbleupon be the perfect fit for us?

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