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How To Get Targeted Twitter Followers

The principles for spreading your content and your brand message have not changed whether it is on Twitter, Facebook or email.

You need to have have followers, fans and subscribers that are interested in the industry or topic that you are writing and generating content for including online video, podcasts and PDF”s.Twitter Tip How To Get Targeted Niche Followers

On Twitter one of the the unwritten rules that is still part of the culture is that if you follow someone they will follow you back. This is not a hard and fast rule but it is still embedded in the social media culture.

There are many people out there using Twitter for an infinite variety of reasons and sharing a wide collection of topics ranging from business, social media, to cooking, dancing and technology.

Having Twitter followers that share your interest and passion for the niche you are in is important in creating community and promoting your content  and driving traffic.

I have used Twitter directories in the past including Twellow.com that lists people in categories that you can follow but I have found it  to be rather slow and a bit flaky.

The most common way to find and add people with the same interests as you, is to find a popular tweeple within your area of interest, say “Mashable” or “Techcrunch” for technology news, and add people who follow these known users.

One tool that I have found to be effective recently is Tweepi.com which allows you to follow other people’s followers but within the rules that Twitter lays down in its terms and conditions.This tool attempts to help you filter these people with numbers in a table – based on their activity and sociability. It is currently a test tool but from my testing of it appears to be very stable.You just enter the name of a thought leader or popular person in your industry and it will list their followers that you can follow and start to build a Twitter follower base that will be congruent with your industry niche and suitable to your particular topic.

In the example below I have used the top thought leader in social media Chris Brogans Twitter user name (ChrisBrogan) as an example of how it can be used in my niche

Twitter Tool For Following Tweepi.com

You can select Twitter users to follow using preset targets such as

  • Active users
  • Higher reach or influence
  • Twitterers who discuss much
  • Higher followers to following ratio

So try it out and follow some of the followers of the personalities and thought leaders in your industry and see what happens.

You may add a few more Twitter followers that are interested in your tweets, blog, website or Facebook  that never knew you existed.

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  • Ian

    Excellent post as always Jeff. Everything you suggest works for me.

  • Excellent tip as always. I’ve become addicted to your tweets and posts. Keep them coming.

  • Jeff, thanks for the info. I am always looking for ways to make Twitter work better for our small business and I seem to walk away with a good tip from you several times a week.

  • I also use Twellow as an important resource to find targeted followers. This app has good traction in the U.S. and I believe it has spread to Australia now too?

    Thanks Jeff!

  • Great blog Jeff. Thanks

  • As a new tweeple myself, this information is so valuable. Thanks for sharing!

  • Great tips and resources for acquiring quality followers, Jeff. Thanks again for your wisdom!

  • I use Tweepi’s Flush and Reciprocate feature as I find them very valuable, I never tried the service you mention but I plan on giving it a go.
    Thanks for reminding me about it and nice post!

  • I think that it is a smart idea to follow twitter lists from really credible tweeps. The lists are a great way to keep track of who likes to tweet about what. I have used both sites and while there is much to be desired, once you figure out who are the key tweople in the area of interest, it is a good way to connect.

  • Thanks, I haven’t tried tweepi – I’m heading over there now 🙂

  • Yep, went over to tweepi and have fallen in love – thanks so much, Jeff, u da man 🙂

  • I just joined up with Tweepi.com, and found it a much more organized way to ‘weed’ the twitter ‘garden’! thanks for this..

  • Agree! Tweepi is a great tool, especially because of all the info it populates, including Klout scores and last date/time of “activity.”

  • I’m liking this tool very much….thanks for sharing

  • Excellent post, I liked it

  • Let me check it out then. Thanks

  • Mike

    Thanks for introducing my team and I to this comprehensive tool.  It has greatly increased our efficiency and as you know… for a young blogger – every second counts 🙂

    Thanks again!

  • One of the best tools available, but it does not scale well for multi-account users.  

  • I was expecting article to tells us ways and tactics to expand twitter followers but it dont. It describe how you can follow people of your interest.

    • Thanks for your comment. If you want to expand your Twitter followers the tactics in this post are exactly what you need to do to expand your Twitter followers through the law of reciprocation. Follow them and they will follow you!

  • I only deal with real human keyword targeted Twitter Followers but you have good advice. I do think it is quality not quantity that makes a good follower. I always click on the people that have chosen to follow me. If their bio is interesting then I click on their website link. @addfollowers_us

  • Htgillis

    Dear Jeff:  once again giving out great new info to all your readers – a big , big thanks.
    Thomas Gillis
    founder / nonprofit

  • UTU

    Awesome idea.

  • UTU

    Awesome idea.

  • I use Socialoomph professional to do auto follows. For auto follows some other people have recommended Tweetattacks.com which seems to work well. Both are paid platforms

  • I use Socialoomph professional to do auto follows. For auto follows some other people have recommended Tweetattacks.com which seems to work well. Both are paid platforms

  • I just used Tweepi, was actually trying to remember the name of the website that lets you sort through followers when you tweeted the link to your post. Let me tell you, a lot of the people I just unfollowed had initiated following me first. That part, I dislike. I just started noticing people following me and unfollowing me before I could even get to their profile. I began to realize it was a ruse to get more followers. I plan to be more vigilant about this. My follow/follower ratio had gotten way off. Thanks for the tip.

  • Buy twitter followers you will also need to focus on how to actually industry successfully to them to be able to persuade them to buy your items or your solutions.

  • Hi Linda
    Travel bloggers would be a great place to start. Find them using a Google blog or general search and find out how many readers they have. Then check out their blogs find out their Twitter name and then follow them using Tweepi.com
    I hope that helps.
    Oh yes, keep publishing great content to publish and tweet!

    • You wonderful man!
      Thank you so much – I’m on it….

  • Linda

    I’m going to give it a try … I’m new to Twitter and still trying to figure out how best to use this social media medium to further expand my blog audience and Etsy shop sales.

  • donald ukponu

    Iam currently using tweepi.com.Would check others.Thanks for sharing

  • Guest

    I found the more you focus on sharing quality information that your audience wants & can use the higher your engagement, retweets, clicks, favorites. Give it a try and I would definitely recommend using bufferapp.com

  • I found the more you focus on sharing quality information that your audience wants & can use the higher your engagement, retweets, clicks, favorites. Give it a try and I would definitely recommend using Buffer to schedule and spread out your tweets along with great analytics.

  • I use twiiter for info and to connect with MANY types of sites and people. I tweet a lot and enter contests too all from the same twitter account. I understand when the tech sites don’t want to get a million contest entries for shoes etc. I understand and in general am okay with not being followed if those I follow engage when I tweet directly to them. I have found they do. I am also happy to share interesting information or deals etc with those I follow and about those I follow if I feel there is a two way relationship. It isn’t necessary that you follow me for that to happen. Just my 2 cents

  • You can filter under the Location Tab for your local area. This is really effective!

  • marliesabella

    Hi Jeff, Do you have any experiences with b2b twitter accounts attracting the wrong followers? i.e. b2c customers… thanks in advance for your input!

  • tait marketing

    Nice tips and suggested services on increasing Twitter followers – thanks jeff.

  • Kurt Uy

    Great advice.! I’m a techy and just started becoming more active with my twitter account. This article really gives good insight on how I can find people who share similar interest and engage with them. Thanks for the tip! add me up @kurtconnect

  • Christopher

    Hi, where are these presets, I can not see them?

  • I think most of peoples provide fake followers…. recently I bought from this site: http://followerslikes.info/ and seems fake followers…….

  • Interesting article! I never thought such a tool existed!
    I agree that it is hard to find and get those targeted
    followers on twitter, there are just too many people. Thank
    you Jeef. I’ll try this and share this information with my
    colleagues. Hoping to get wonderful results.

  • Mayank Batra

    Twello is down for maintainence!
    & Tweepi is chargable 🙁