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  • http://www.takeoffpr.com/ Martin Bredl

    It is still a big challenge, to sit down and think what is a really good content for my audiance.
    It does not feel like producing something, it feels mor like giving something. Giving time!

    • http://www.facebook.com/sinkra Richard Sink

      The most productive way to achieve this is to listen to what your audience is discussing and contribute something of value. As your audience responds, you can adapt your content based on feedback. And yes, this is a time-consuming process–just the nature of the activity. But think of it as a relationship-building process and not another chore;-)

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  • http://twitter.com/iwrite Bonnie Brooks

    Jeff, another excellent post that makes me think of another one to add to your list. Be a giver! So much of what happens in social media is people giving to each other. I think the idea may be buried in some of the things on your list, but I think it needs its own place on the list. You and so many others I have come across on social media give of their knowledge, wisdom, compassion, support…. That’s huge from my perspective.

  • Superior LLC

    One of the best marketing strategy today is the use of social media. The popularity of this sites had gone to the top and advertising and promoting your site in tons of members will be a great help for you..

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  • http://www.facebook.com/cheval.john Cheval John

    For me, blogging is the No.1 thing that I do. It has helped me to express myself even more. Earlier this year, I incorporated my blog into an online media company and it feels really good.

  • http://www.iwebxpert.com/ Daisy Bono

    Thank you for the very nice tips! I find your post very interesting for
    my business. As for me I use social media to optimize my business like using business or fan pages on Facebook as it is becoming increasingly used by small businesses. They allow exposure to prospective customers as well as
    continued communication to clients, so their popularity is pretty justified!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/duenrose Ara Rose

    Social Media steals control of my life. Currently having an early midlife crisis due to Social Media. What is the difference between posting on Twitter, Tumblr, Path, Facebook, etc.? Why post on one and not the other? And, if you post to ALL Social Media sites… WHY DON’T YOU JUST USE ONE? Please help me; before I lose my mind more completely.

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      Hi Ara The two questions you need to ask are
      1. Who is my customer?
      2. Where do they hang out
      Then you pick the “major” or “biggest” social networks where your customers are.
      You cannot be on every platform. So you need to be selective.
      Hope that helps.

  • http://GrowMap.com Gail Gardner

    Excellent advice. Blogging and social media are essential – but we need to start sharing an easier way for small businesses and individuals to blog by encouraging them to do so on group blogs that already reach their target audiences. It is far more powerful to have many contributing top content and promoting a site than it is to have to keep your own blog updated, optimized, build links, and promote all by yourself. Whether you blog on a group or individual blog, the keys are COLLABORATION and LOCALIZATION.

    By working together, you can accomplish all that Jeff listed in this post much more effectively and faster. Those with blogging skills need to mentor other bloggers and promote small businesses that do not have the time, resources, or skills to do it themselves. This will support your local community, create jobs, and help cushion the effects of inflation.

    Your best niche includes a geo-targeted element. I elaborate much more on what we all need to do in the interview MarketingSherpa published last week at http://sherpablog.marketingsherpa.com/marketing/2013-smb-marketing-part-2/

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  • Ioannis Pantelidis

    Very interesting although for number 36 you may need to re-evaluate who your friends are…if your success makes them jealous then they are not really your friends are they?

  • http://twitter.com/amolrameshgiri Amol Giri

    Very usefull info…..

  • Bambi & Banter

    More than ever search engine “crawlers” are looking for “Expert Content” The… “How do I…” “Why does…..” “What is the…..” “When to…..” – mainly answering peoples questions with your amazing knowledge. Think about the 50 most FAQ you get and turn them into blog posts… your customers will love you and so will search engines!

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      Hey…That sounds like a great idea

  • http://scarlettvespa.tv/ Scarlett Vespa

    Fabulous points and so many! My expertise is Personal Branding and it’s been such an interesting journey because my role is about helping people get clarity and focus about what they DO want to do and then creating the assets to social share. I think with alot of entrepreneurs they don’t know what to focus on, what is the idea that WILL bring reward, because entrepreneurs DO a lot of different things (we have to)… It’s seems more than ever we have to get to the pointy end of our thinking and be as niche as possible in order to cut through. PLUS the more focus you have, the more impact. Another point that I think is key is being Authentic, people can sense if you are trying to be something you are not or just blatantly inauthentic of course. We are at a very interesting place in society, new way of being in a community that we have shunned and now must embrace knowing it’s okay to be on the computer 24/7!!! Anyhoo, thanks again for post ;)

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  • ctsmithiii

    @Jeff I’ve found blogging and social media a great way to share the knowledge and experience I’ve gained working with more than 100 clients in 18 different industries.

    My blog is how I give back to business owners and marketing professionals by sharing information of value. Hopefully they can learn from my mistakes.

    As Guy Kawasaki says, “The Internet rewards those who share information and penalizes those that hoard it.”

    Sharing information of value in a blog post is like donating an organ when you die. Document what you’ve learned and experienced so others can benefit. You can take it with you, but what a waste if you do so without sharing.