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  • http://www.BigDealPR.com/ Carri Bugbee

    Ack!! Auto-play video?! You need to fix that. It’s the number one DON’T for blogs and websites. Even for music or media companies.

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      You are right it is annoying and it is now fixed!

      • http://www.BigDealPR.com/ Carri Bugbee

        Thx! Now I can absorb all your good info in peace. :-)

        • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

          I had to launch the post as I had a deadline but managed to find a way to turn the auto-start off after I had hit the publish button! :)

  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    Thanks Dallas for the comment and I look forward to your feedback and insights

  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    Yes, the platform is designed to tap into the power of fans “crowd sourcing” content for your brand that improves SEO and engagement.

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  • http://www.danielmelbye.com/ Daniel Melbye

    So this is a tool to curate third party content embedded on your site with links to where the content originates?

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      Thanks for the question Daniel.
      It attributes it to the person and if it came from Instagram it links to that.

      • http://www.danielmelbye.com/ Daniel Melbye

        What if it is an article and not an image?

        • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

          Nothing to stop you sharing a text article on the platform. You will find though that it is more suited at this stage to photo sharing with hash tags and descriptions

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  • http://www.facebook.com/salcoombes Sally Coombes

    Another question Jeff :) Checking out the QLD Reds page and it appears you can only upload photos from choosing a file. Does the platform allow photo uploads via connecting to FB/Instagram etc??? (for the user who is on the brand website)

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      It depends on what the brand wants to do, whether it is only unique content or social media content. It is not a limitation of the platform.

  • http://twitter.com/alianani15 Ali Anani

    A wonderful reading and I like the storyline of the post

    A proof that I read the post here it is. I copy and paste from this article “I know what discipline, skill and passion is needed. For the last four years I have painstakingly built this this blog”. Why? this this is repeated.
    A timely and exceedingly relevant post

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      Thanks Ali for your kind comments. :)

  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    I haven’t compared the two so the honest answer is “I don’t know” :)

  • http://www.socialbakers.com/events/engage Anne Goulding

    This tool really looks promising. Thanks @jeffbullas:disqus for sharing it with us. The only thing I miss is real experience with this tool. Does anyone have any real experiences with it and could share them with us?

    • http://www.facebook.com/paul.bingham2 Paul Bingham

      Hello. I have been working this for my company black cat cruises which is a tourism operation in New Zealand. If you google us and click on photos you will see the results. We have been able to generate 1000 images from customers, staff and some brought in from Flickr and Instagram. We have had a 50% uplift in user sessions since launch and the shuttlerock page is now the 4th most visited page on our site. Plus the Pinterest style pages look great and allow for tons of engagement and most importantly bring friends of customers to our site.

      • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

        Thanks Paul for the update and its effectiveness for Black Cat Cruises

      • Brad Tovey

        I note on the website that you are one of the directors of ShuttleRock. I would suggest Anne is looking for unbiased feedback.

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  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    If you check out some of these businesses and teams using the platform quite a lot of images that are posted as original and unique.

    Terrace Downs – https://contest.terracedowns.co.nz/content/march-2013-terrace-downs-photo-competition

    The Reds Football club – https://fanzone.redsrugby.com.au/content/the-fortress-fan-photos-reds-v-bulls

  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    It does offer a lot of potential on SEO,engagement and sharing .The tool is aimed more at businesses that have a marketing budget

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  • http://www.brett-fish.com/ Brett Fish

    So what ShuttleRock really does is emulate the Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest photo sharing/voting functionality on your website. That functionality is viable if you have a very visual type of business (like a camera shop or something), but $500/month minimum is a ton to pay for it when you can get almost the same type of functionality through WordPress plug-ins and widgets that allow direct streaming of Flickr/Instagram pictures and public photo uploading/review/posting to your site.

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      Thanks Brett for your comment. Sure you can cobble a few free widgets to do some of what the ShuttleRock platform does, but it will not have the robust platform features on a broad scale and enterprise level to ensure that it works well, can be measured with analytics, is setup for mobile, has a mobile app, can scale etc.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jacky.zhang.167189 Jacky Zhang

    This is a good products review template but not a solution. If I can pay that hugh money, I will have much better contents on my blog.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=615205112 Clair Trebes

    Hi Jeff,

    Can really see the benefit of a tool like this for a business moving forward with their online antics. It should REALLY be viewed as an investment rather than a cost to anyone who is looking at this objectively in my opinion. Granted there are other tools and people out there who could leverage this for less cost, but you get the whole package with Shuttlerock.

    100% as my business moves forward this will be something I will be looking to learn more about this product for my work.

    Great post as always Jeff!

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      You are right Clair it is an investment and it will make a significant improvement in SEO and engagement!!

  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    At the end of the day you get what you pay for.
    It is an enterprise tool not a toy. Companies that are using it are seeing great results in engagement and search engine optimisation plus a lot more.

  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    Thanks for the question Brad. The challenge on the web is that it doesn’t matter what platform you use. Facebook, MySpace or Tumblr. You don’t own them and nothing is forever. You are renting a presence. So not one of these platforms will guarantee the future of your data or hard work. It a dilemma no matter what social network or management platform you use. That is why the portal you should always have the majority of your content on is your own website or blog that is self hosted with your own domain name.

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