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6 Tips on How to Use Twitter’s New Vine Video App for Marketing

Twitter is underwhelming at 140 characters. Any sane person would say “What do you do with that?”6 Tips on How to Use Twitter's New Vine Video App for Marketing

Why limit yourself to so few words when there is a dictionary and an encyclopedia available and limitless communication at your disposal.

Its brevity is both an enigma and its charm. It has been its weakness and strength due to that simplicity.

Keeping it simple is not without success precedent.

One of the most successful children’s books of all time was written with only 50 words. It was a challenge thrown down to Dr Seuss by his editor when he was about to write his  next book “Green Eggs with Ham“. To put this in perspective the previous book by Dr Seuss “The Cat in the Hat”  was written with 236 words.

Simple is good.

The history of short and simple

Just over twenty years ago on December 3, 1992 the message “Merry Christmas” was sent by software engineer Neil Papworth to the Vodafone director Richard Jarvis.

That was the world’s first text message. It was short and it was simple.

Who would think that 20 years later  that:

  • 6  billion messages would be sent every day in the USA
  • 2.2 trillion texts would be sent every year in the USA
  • 8.6 trillion SMS messages would be created every year around the planet
  • Text messaging would be a $150 billion a year industry

It is the messaging of choice for most teenagers. The adults have also realized its time saving capabilities.

People have also understood that having a conversation is maybe not something you always want to do.

Twitter wants to transform video messaging

Twitter has just announced a smart phone app called “Vine” that allows you to take a video that is limited to 6 seconds and continues to loop.

It is not alone with the idea.

There are competing apps called Viddy and Tout that do much the same.

So what can you do with a 6 second video and it raises this question again.

Why bother?

Maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to put the boot in. Twitter took texting to a new level and put it on steroids. Maybe a short and simple video is enough to get a powerful message out that is memorable.

Is less more?

How could you use Vine for marketing?

Viddy thinks that 15 seconds is the right length for a video short message while Vine has chosen 6 seconds. Maybe there is some science behind both but let’s look at some possible ideas for marketing with a short video.

Here are 6 ideas:

1. The brand elevator pitch

Want people to understand what your brand is all about. The elevator pitch is where you wrap it up in one sentence or two. 6 seconds is maybe enough.

How could you make it visual and viral.

2. Product demonstration

One to two minute video reviews of products in your online store are now maybe too long. Why not experiment with six seconds?

3. Launching a new product or service

Explain your new product in six seconds if you can. (If you don’t then use YouTube). Maybe your messaging will  get better as you learn to communicate the key features and not the unnecessary.

4. Give your brand a personality

Social media allows and wants you to give your brand a personality. Use Vine to make it real and authentic. Make it quirky or innovative.

Many brands want an image that goes beyond bland.

5. Marketing a promotion

Use a 6 second Vine video to market a new promotion. This could  be a new book, song or  a movie or even an event. How long do you need to communicate something new. Remember the power of simple.

6. Announcing a special offer or discount

50% off. How long does it take to announce that special offer for your clothing store?  Make it visual, aural and shareable.

If you want to look at how 15 businesses are using the Vine video app for their brand. Check out this post over at Hubspot.

What about you?

How do you think you could use a six second video on Vine to market your business and brand? Do you even want to?

Do you think this idea will stick or do you think it is a fad?

Look forward to your comments below. Tell us your thoughts and ideas.

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  • A video (even a 6 second one) says more than a thousand images. And with Twitter backing it up I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a success.

    I think the 6 second limit gives Vinevids a much better chance of going Viral. Peoples attention span (especially online) is shrinking. But everyone can cope with 6 seconds.

    • Yes I think the chances for a video to go viral have been amplified with this new video app trend.

  • Thanks Tom. Now the opportunity for some experimentation!

  • Am loving fine have around 5000 followers. how is it going for you Jeff?

  • Smart approach here Jeff.

    Like twitter, Vine forces you to be creative in a minimum amount of time. A skill in short supply for sure.

  • I guess you could say a 140 character tweet in 6 seconds so it’s just another way of delivering a tweet!

  • Short, sweet, and to the point! I wonder if there was some evidence leading to the “6 second rule”. It seems awfully short…

    • Maybe they tested the average time an elevator takes to travel between floors 🙂

  • Angela Iliopoulos

    Great idea! I have been experimenting and think Vine is a great vechile to use to market your business. Get creative with it and make it fun! Thanks for the ideas…

    • It sounds like you are getting creative and having some fun!

  • I think that @iancleary:disqus had summed it up really well. The 6-second Vine video spots are just a video version of a 140-character Tweet – which leads to the name “Video Tweet”. Brilliant.

  • We love Vine and are using it to help promotoe a non-profit with a Vine contest

  • I’m going to be self-publishing a book in the next month or two. I’ve been thinking about book trailers quite a bit. 45 seconds feels daunting, but I love the idea of a six-second trailer 🙂

  • The Vine App is certainly a great idea and maybe the next big thing. Companies like for example Asos are already embracing it. It’s really easy-to-use app and everyone can use if without having a professional camera. I can’t wait to see more examples and campaigns how people and companies use it.

  • roii

    Hmmm https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vine/id592447445?mt=8 lists VINE LABS INC as the seller and has a 17-year old age limit – due to? I this the same app?

  • Great article! I think Vine can be a highly effective social marketing tool if used well. The application is simple to use and there is endless possibilities to what you can create with it!

    Those who jump on the Vine bandwagon early could benefit, if they produce some innovative content to go with their account,

    I think Vine campaigns and competitions could also be hugely effective and viral for a brand. A large amount of the content being uploaded to #Vine is fun and creative, therefore, a competition allows fans to be imaginative with the new app and produces some great earned media!

    Here’s my tips on marketing on Vine:

    and here’s my thoughts on Vine campaigns:

  • At the George Washington University Career Center, for our recent Spring Career & Internship Fair, we tweeted out two short Vine pieces:



    (If the URLs don’t work, you can go to http://twitter.com/gwcareercenter and find them in the images section of our profile)

    It’s too early to tell how effective these types of Vine clips might be, however, on the two above we did get a little bit of a buzz about them in Twitter as they are quite novel and unique. I think anything that furthers your outreach goals while at the same time remaining short, fun and easy gets high marks in my book.

  • mony
  • Nice article, we’ve not used Vine anywhere near enough but the Vine App is more than likely gonna be another game changer and is already providing huge video marketing potential for early adopters.