• Rich J.

    One of the best articles on beginning blogging I’ve read. I definitely learned these lessons the hard way. This article even gave me a new idea/approach that I hadn’t considered before for current and upcoming projects.

  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment. There are two steps that need to be followed to profitable blogging.
    1. Build credibility with free content first
    2. Then package and monetise your premium content

  • http://WWW.EXTRA-CASH-ONLINE.COM/ Robert Connor

    Very good stuff we will get a lot out of this one post – thanks ness.

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  • http://dianacgriffith.com/ Diana

    Good read. One problem I am having right now as a new blogger is figuring out exactly what my niche is. It is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Any suggestions for that?

    • Gil Michelini

      On what topic would you give up sleep, food, or fun with friends/family to read a book about? What was the first topic that came to mind without thinking about it? That topic would be a good place to start.

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  • How to Buy Stocks

    great post.. thanks a lot!

  • treb072410

    Definitely a great read, but the main key here is number 6.. 1-5 will follow if you are doing 6.. Thanks for sharing the post!…

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    That’s a great blog post, because it has to be more likely have small thing than it is less likely to promote greater beginner guide which we aspect greatly..

  • Stuart Walker

    Hey Jeff,

    Good post and some great points….

    “The reason why a lot of blogs fail is because the blogger thinks it is a good idea to post about multiple different topics. You should only be creating content about one niche and only other relevant things to that niche”

    Indeed. See so many blogs covering loosely related topics that they think will bring in MORE visitors but actually just scares most people away as it’s not focused enough and doesn’t engage them.

    Laser targeting is key!

    “Always create the best content possible”

    Totally agree. Far too many people posting for the sake of posting thinking they need to constantly be publishing new content EVEN when they have no traffic so all that content goes to waste. I prefer to create the best content possible and post less frequently. Make it REALLY count and so good other bloggers and readers cannot help but share, link and comment on it.

    For anyone competing in niches they aren’t all that clued up on I’ve written a post that I’m sure your readers will enjoy that talks you through how to create great content even in niches you are clueless about.

    Tell me what you think:


    However this was the bit I was surprised to read….

    “You are going to need to take some time and research as much as you can about search engine optimization and how to get ranked higher”

    In this day and age I wouldn’t recommend that new bloggers try and learn anything other than basic on page SEO because it’s so time consuming and ever evolving that to focus on it let alone learn everything you can isn’t the best way to spend your time IMO.

    There are endless ways to get high quality and targeted traffic from forums, blog commenting, social media, video marketing, email, Reddit, stumbleupon, paid ads and so on that SEO is an after thought for me these days.

    As a result most of my sites actually receive a ton of SEO traffic without me even trying from natural ranking thanks to all the traffic, social shares and links I get.

  • bestofshayari.blogspot.in

    Few mistakes that i made in early days of my blogging is like trying to earn very early which is not possible. But as the time passed i have come to conclusion that write about what you like and more passionate about. Yes i agree with your points making money and monetization should be kept on back burner. First need is readers.

  • http://www.showyourexpertise.com Carl Friesen

    Okay, I buy the “best content possible” idea — but I’ve got to ask, what’s “best?” Innovative? Nobody-else-thought-of-this? Gets shared a lot? Targeted to your niche (I kinda like that one)? Rhymes?

    I suppose you know good stuff when you see it, but I think that not everyone would agree.

    “Worst content possible” is easier to identify. Spelling mistakes, inconsistent formatting, bad grammar, unintelligible audio, irrelevant, plagiarized, outdated … so does “best” mean the absence of these elements?

    How do you define “best”?

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  • http://www.kaivandave.com/ Kaivan Dave

    Great Information, thanks a lot for sharing it.

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