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  • Wil Wodrow

    Thanks Jeff..inspiring!!! cheers Wil

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      Thanks….Great to hear I was human!!

  • Don Michael Marinas

    I whole heartedly agree with your writing philosophy! Your advice is strong and worth heeding!


  • Raquel M Ramirez

    Wow! Thank you for these tips. For most of us (new bloggers) it can seem daunting to simply focus on the writing element of writing, but like you said, “We are innately creative. Humanity mixed with technology equals magic!” (by the way a tweetable). Therefore, we have the opportunity to use our creativity to write in a conversational way and apply those tips to motivate and lure more eyes to our post. Thanks Jeff. Now watch me share it.

  • http://brianmittelstadt.wordpress.com/ Brian Mittelstadt

    Great Tips Jeff. I really like the “Break the Rules” point where you said “Writing how you speak or “conversational writing” is needed on a social web”. This is how I’ve been writing for years, I remember my grandmother once telling me how much she enjoys reading my letters because they read just like I speak. Nice to see someone professionally state that it’s ok to bend the ancient rules of proper writing. Thanks!

  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    It is aimed at both the new and those bloggers who just want some insights to take it to the next level.

  • http://kimanziconstable.com/ kimanzi constable

    #7 and #10 are just gold. Too often we want to focus on what we think our audience wants to hear instead of focusing on their pain points. When you address what they’re struggling and actually help, they’ll be fans for life. Using mind blowing stats is something I haven’t tried but numbers don’t lie and people will clearly see that. Great post Jeff.

  • http://searchsimplicity.com/ Gregory Smith

    Fabulous publication Jeff. 2014 is the year of the Content Marketer. Can I get an Amen? How about it?

  • http://www.rparkerconsulting.net/ parkerconsulting

    Internet marketing has transformed everyone into writers. Everyone can be successful with just a few pointers such as the ones you have listed above. If you are not an exceptional writer, there’s help available in many forms

  • http://www.goglobaltoday.com/ Aesta C

    I like the last one. Be human. Be you. This sounds easy but it is quite hard for me to do especially on social media.

  • Andy Crestodina

    Great stuff in here! And an important message about the coming crush of content.

    But you seem to suggest that Google’s recent changes are leading to lower quality because they are focused less on keywords. People have complained for years that Google rewarded low-quality posts stuffed with keyphrases, and now you seem to be complaining that Google is rewarding original content. I guess people will grumble no matter what they do…

    I enjoyed the tips, especially 11 and 12. One way to rise above is to be unexpected. Originality rules!

  • http://workado.com/ Justin McGill @ Workado

    Good advice as usual Jeff! I like that you lead with the headline as that is still the most important piece to actually being read.

  • http://www.dtb.com.au/ dtb! Advertising

    Great insight – definitely some great points for a content creator to live by! You only get better with practice!

  • Elizabeth Walthall

    My takeaway: be as human as possible in your content creation, but remember that you may be replaced by a robot in 15 years. Hm. A frightening juxtaposition. Great blog.

  • http://bloghands.com/ Chris Barber

    I’ve been in the SEO business for 8 years and there have been bots writing content this whole time. That’s what’s lead to Google making the changes they’ve made on content quality. These bots weren’t as intelligent as the one you’re talking about… they just took an existing article and replaced a lot of the words with other similar words.

    On tip I’d give someone now is to focus on creating headlines that will get clicks and social shares first and SEO second.

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      Yes, create the best contagious headlines and content for viral sharing on social networks, then make sure the SEO basics are covered second. Google then will reward you over time as you build organic inbound links!!

  • http://www.jeromyschall.com Jeromy

    Excellent article!

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