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  • http://kimanziconstable.com/ kimanzi constable

    That number is shocking Jeff. 52% really? There are 2.5 billion people online everyday, it just seems like a logical place to find customers for your business. What’s cooler is when you create a business online that allows location independence!

  • http://www.mostpixels.com/marketing Steve Faber

    Most business owners who have no website don’t see the value and/or don’t have time to do it themselves. They may want a site, but especially if they are fairy busy already and have no clue about he online world, it goes to the back burner.

    Should they invest the time in their business? If they look at the ROI they’d get from a proper website (with the elements in your post), it likely exceeds most of their other expenditures by a large margin. As you note, getting a nice site needn’t be difficult, time consuming, or expensive.

    Thanks to WordPress,and the variety of great themes available, skilled WP designers can put together a great site very cost effectively. It’s one of marketing’s great values.

    After the have a site, they can move from the “something’s better than nothing” stage and progress to things like landing page optimization and mobile sites.
    Thanks for the post

    • Gary L. Dorion

      I’m wondering if you could suggest an inexpensive WordPress site that would be right for a small online gift-type store?

  • CatherineBroughton

    I have two websites, both designed and managed by one of my sons. I do find it a huge bore and a chore, though. Click on this and click on that … I told my son that I feel about it the way he would feel if I asked him to do the ironing!

  • http://www.taraevelandphotography.com/ Tara Eveland

    Totally agree with this,
    I am actually not bothered by the new Facebook ending the ‘free ride’ for small businesses. I had been thinking and expecting that for over a year now and been working on every other social platform I could and getting my website and blog going as good as possible…. Ive been in depth studying how to make my site better and working on SEO now Im all over that front page of google search for any type of photography session or search in my area.
    I think its good because my market is so saturated by the ‘photographers’ that went and bought an $800 camera and started a Facebook page and undercut the professionals that have been building their business for years through education, knowledge, and hard work. These people doing this often just have a facebook page, do like ladders to get more likes, and offer low cost shoot and burn for something like 25-$50 which is just ridiculous.
    Now that the Facebook free ride is over, maybe many of these ‘businesses’ will be as well. When they learn how much hard work it really is to build and maintain a business without just having Facebook, I am sure many will not take the time to get on the train so to speak. And if they do with just starting now its going to be harder for them to learn.
    There are some that truly want to be in the business and I support those that do, the ones that seek out knowledge and actually learn how to use their gear and such, but I do not respect those that come into the industry just thinking it is a quick buck and using Facebook only and connections on there to undercut everyone else in the community that have real businesses.

  • http://sallyannmiller.com/ Sally

    I’m working on building a following for my second business. My focus is creating really useful content.

    I have a question on item #8. I’ve noticed that some people don’t link to their products/ services from their website. Instead they sell to their email lists and/ or via webinars. Do you have a view on this?

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  • Mephistopheles

    The only thing that’s shocking is the assertion that 52% of ALL small business owners do not have a website based on a sample of only 300 survey participants. With more than 30 million small businesses in the US alone this hardly seems like a valid sample upon which to write such a sensationalist headline.

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