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10 Reasons Why Your Blog Gets No Traffic

Blogging can be fun if you are passionate about your subject but it can be frustrating if the analytics show that you have no traffic to your blog or website. That means that no-one is reading your insights and is appreciating your writing. It is a little lonely. It is like writing a book and it is just sitting on the bookshelves.

So what are you doing wrong?

Here are 10 possible reasons you are not getting traffic to your blog.

1.  You have just started

This is where patience and persistence come in. You will not have thousands of people  turning up the next day to read your blog if you have only just started blogging. It is a journey of many steps and this where your character will be tested as you build traffic one step at a time one blog at a time.

2. Your headlines suck

If you write a headline that doesn’t meet  some of the basic principles of headline writing that gets readers past your title on Twitter and reading the link that is attached then you need to learn the basics of headline writing. This post may get you going in the right direction “How To Write a Mind Blowing Headline For Twitter So People Will Read Your Blog

3. You are not posting frequently enough

Do you just write an article when the mood suits you?  If you want people to become regular readers of your blog then you need to be consistent. Have you noticed that Magazines come out every week or every month. Newspapers come out every day, hail, snow or shine. Post regularly and consistently and you will build a loyal readership.

4. You have poor search engine optimization

Google will send readers your way if you have optimized your blog for search engines You need to learn the importance of the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This post may help “5 Key Factors To Rank High On Google

5. You have very few Twitter followers

Twitter is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog or website. If you have a lot of Twitter followers then you can send out the Post headline on twitter to your loyal tribe and tease and tempt them with a great headline that makes them click on your link to your post. For more on this check out “How To Get 46,000 Twitter Followers” and “How to Get Targeted Twitter Followers

6. You have poor content

You are writing posts that people are finding boring or irrelevant.  It is not hard to change that if you are listening to your audience and helping solve their problems and maybe even entertaining them

Here is a post that may help “30 Inspiring Ideas To Develop Content For Your Blog

7. You are not focused

If you are writing for everyone and posting stories that are about everything you need to get focused. Write articles that are specifically about one industry, topic or niche. Know your market and stick to it. Don’t go off topic.

8. You are not distributing your content to other social media platforms

One of the strengths of social media is its power and leverage to get your content out to other platforms and channels where your audience is hanging out. So put your videos on YouTube, post your articles to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and don’t forget others like Technorati and Digg. Use you blog as a homebase and distribute  and leverage your content to your social media outposts. Go to where your potential audience is. Facebook has over 600 million users, now that is an audience.

9. You are not engaging with others

Comment on other peoples blogs go out an interview top bloggers or successful people either online or in person. Ask to be a guest blogger. Take advantage of the other people’s networks.

10. You believe in  miracles

There are no miracles it requires constant learning and focus. Go and read about other top bloggers and they will give you the information you need to to know to be the best you can possibly be.

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  • Thanks for the good advice Jeff. Coming out of the closet as a geriatric geek at the age of 51 took a lot of courage, and I need all the help I can get. At times I feel like I am intruding and that people whom I know are the only people reading my blog. Need to start implementing more of these tips.

    Incidently, when I started blogging about 8 months ago, your’s was one of the first blogs I started to use as a model, as is the case with your twitter account.

    All the best for 2011.

  • Jeff, you raise good points and thanks for direct messaging me on the new post. With a relatively new blog, I am learning as I go and enjoy reading your insights. I’m looking forward to seeing more great stuff in 2011.

  • Jeff, some good tips, as always. I would add: you aren’t asking your network to share their blogs with others. Funny how people just don’t ask their friends to help out. So simple yet so overlooked.

  • Good reminders. Just started up again after apparently throwing another online news mag into a tizzy. Money and power talks, I guess, but I console myself with thinking what I was doing seemed threatening to their bottom line (definitely not illegal, either).

    Anyway, since the miracle thing doesn’t seem like an option, I’ll take your suggestions to heart, bookmark your article, and refer to it often. Also, one more point, write what you enjoy writing, because that’s where the fulfillment comes from.

  • As a beginner – the patience part is the hardest. Trying at present to be smart, thorough, dedicated and meaningful. It can be a tall order. Thanks for the insights and tips.

  • Happy New Year Jeff!
    many thanks for all your good posts this year & I’m looking forward to more of your great content next year!

  • YES and #11 You do not know your voice yet, so your message is not coming form a place of strength.

    Happy New Years Jeff!

  • Most of these mistakes fall into a very big one: you think blogging is mandatory. It really isn’t, you shouldn’t blog just for the sake of it, it should be part of a bigger plan.
    Unless you’re blogging following the spur of the moment, in that case it’s normal things won’t go as planned, since you never planned it in first place 😉

  • Agree with you on everything there, impossible not too! If you’ve got a passion for the topic your writing on there should be no problem having patience when it comes to traffic. My Manchester United website is about 6 months old now and we’re getting around 2,500+ views a day which I do hope improves soon rather than later. I’d also like to see an increase in the number of comments we’re receiving!

  • Hi Jeff and thanks for raising some good points! Based on the inspiration received from this Blog (and others) I published an article Social Media Growth and Development: To blog or not to Blog? ( http://wp.me/p1fPZU-qF )

    I mentioned this Blog as being one of the best to follow because it is!

    I think 2 of the most significant points are being social with Social Media (not just Blogging and Blogging and Blogging) and also engaging with other people. I’ve found Quora very good for getting to know more people and I’m getting to like Posterous and Behance a LOT!

    Keep up the good work and thanks!

    All the best from the UK, Peter

  • JohnHatcher

    : “Twitter is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog or website” I would contest that this is not the case. Although twitter can bring a spike in traffic if you have a trending news article, it will not drive traffic to your site in my view. SEO is the best strategy to get consistent traffic, that is targeted and will grow your site.

    • I started blogging & Twitter less than a year ago so I can’t claim to be an expert, but I have noticed that those who visit my website from Twitter stay longer and view more pages. It’s not just about numbers of visitors, it’s about quality.

  • Great post Jeff. I like the way you boil it down and get to the point. I know that I struggle with content and headlines both. I know they get better with practice so I have added perseverance to the equation to see if that makes a difference in the long run. Thanks for your great content.

  • This is just what i need! Trying to write my VERY FIRST blog post today and this is going to get me off to a good start!

    Big thanks!!

  •  You’re on a roll, Jeff. I’ve already RT’d two of your blog posts tonight! HA!

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  • I jjust love this

  • Anonymous

    Like Jeff’s #8 above – the strength of Social media (and SEO) is spreading your love around. Those who love and use Twitter cannot ignore users (aka “customers”) who love and adore Facebook. Or any of the other favorite social media sites, photo sharing, video sharing AND different search engines, of course! We’ve got to put more hooks in the waters… and (as Jackie Garner mentioned) it’s gotta have quality in what you share.. whether updating a page, a post or blog.

    Just like THIS article! Don’t ya just love how Jeff tells it to us straight up, no chaser? My favorites: “your headlines suck” and “you are writing content that is boring and irrelevant”.  

  • Excellent reasons. You nailed me on 7 out of 10.

  • SEO companies also provide services like social media marketing. They browse the internet through millions of websites with the help of specially designed tools which help them identify the sites that are most frequently visited by your customers. They get articles related to your company’s products published on various social media sites. They then establish links between all these sites and your company’s website. Thus, you are able to reach your customers very fast, and make a global impact.

  • Jeff, I know you’re a busy guy, but you know blogging inside and out.  I started a blog recently (only got 2 posts so far), but I want to see if I’m headed in the right direction or if I’m way off.  Could you take a quick peek at it and let me know?  I want to thank you in advance, Jeff.  I really appreciate it!




  • OMG Jeff,, This article is what i need for this moment. Thanks, thanks, thanks,,,, a lot.

  • Gharkhana

    Thank you!

  • Gharkhana

    Thank you!

  • Thanks for all the great info! I am now on track to update my blog regularly!

  • Alisha Benn

    What an excellent post. I have been looking for inspiration to begin writing for my blog. You provided alot of valuable information and I hope to one day be
    a guest blogger 🙂 Thank you for providing a spark!

  • Jeff, I love this blog post, especially the last reason about miracles. And I’ve already asked to be a guest blogger and do so with 10 pros in my related topics.

    So glad I use LInkedin  as one of my SM blog marketing venues.It’s my 3rd source of traffic.  Since I write about blog and book marketing and writing I don’t seem to run of delicious content.

  • Thanks for the comment Jan.
    If you want to scale your blog, get serious and have ultimate control then go with a self hosted blog using WordPress.
    Want to keep it simple and just want to play then its Tumblr!

  • These are all great points. Going to check out those other articles now. 🙂

  • Katrina

    I don’t have a blog yet write articles, chapters and books and find this info. helpful.  Thx

  • Katrina

    I don’t have a blog yet write articles, chapters and books and find this info. helpful.  Thx

  • Really GREAT post, and very useful for my own purposes as blogger. I have just started, so it is the best time to put best practice in place. I will keep an eye on these, let’s hope it will affect positively my own blog.

    Thank you

  • Great tips.  Short, sweet and to the point.  Thanks. 

  • great post Jeff! great points to consider….

    thanks for sharing!


  • awesome information! These are the basics to keep in mind every time if we want to grow as per our target which we have settled. And i think every new blogger must have to keep it even i am a new blogger and would like to follow these advice.

    Thanks for sharing this useful and informative stuff

  • I’ve gotta work on my headlines – mine tend towards the utilitarian

  • It would be wrong not to comment considering #9 above was engage with others! Great post…I, too, have a problem with headlines and I’m also only using Twitter and LinkedIn…which is probably pretty limiting. I’m sure I’m guilty of some of the other 10…perhaps not waiting for a miracle…gave up on those many years ago! 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing this Jeff. My blog is not generating that much traffic but now I understand why.

  • Knowing who your audience is, creating quality focused content and then promoting and marketing on social media is vital if you want to build a successful blog.

    My book “blogging the Smart Way” would certainly help you.


  • Dana Che

    Jeff, thanks for this post. Is it rare that a blog has NO traffic according to Google Analytics? I think I’m a pretty good writer and I am careful to always SEO my posts. I’ve had my domain up for over a year. I did recently change WP themes though. I’m just becoming frustrated that NO ONE is seeing my blog… http://danache.com

    • There are 2 questions that you need to answer:
      Have you created social networks that you share your content too?
      Have you built an email subscriber list and do you share your articles with them?

  • I think that patience and persistence are the big ones.

    • You are right Carmen. A lot of people expect a quick fix!

  • Nice post trying to apply

  • I wish somebody could scream this to me every day.

    • I second this! I need someone to repeat this over and over again, all day long.

  • Mark H

    More great info on blogging, traffic, and social media Jeff. Keep up the good work! I really like your site.

  • James Call

    I think most of the tips are good, except the one not to believe in miracles. Thinking positive is very important.

  • Totally needed to read this…. thank you 🙂

  • Xavier Major

    Always great advice from Jeff!

  • Very good post! Makes me sit back and think about my own blog just moved it over to word press.

  • This list is extremely helpful. I don’t believe in miracles, just one or two visitors would be nice! Ever feel like your talking to yourself?

  • ThrivingGirl

    Great insights! I especially like number one. That’s a “duh” moment for me. My blog is only a month old. DUH! I’m now relaxing…waiting… Can’t believe I was expecting so much so soon. Last time : DUH!

  • mayank tewari

    Totally needed to read this…. thank you 🙂 http://costofweb.com

  • Great post. but I wanna know what about the hardest part which is link building.
    How can we do indexed links to our blog to generating webpage traffic?

  • You are right the post is very good and it helps quiet a lot. It is like it can be told again and again. Yep content is king.

    Awesome post indeed!

  • Lee PriceJohnson

    Good post. I have to remember to Network more.

  • Khawer Khan

    I am totally frustrated from submitting interested post to social sites and relevant directories from more than 8 months, but still no visitors.It’s look like all door are closed and always i only think what to do and where to go.