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15 Ways To Make Your Blog Trusted And Credible

I walked into the office and there were plaques, awards and trophies prominently displayed for each new visitor to gaze at and understand that this organisation was credible and worth doing business with.

Credibility has always been sought after because it can mean the difference between being chosen for that new job, winning that new account or gaining that new promotion. Displaying credibility is something that social media excels at and  includes attention quantification with how many friends you have on Facebook , followers on Twitter and connections on LinkedIn.15 Ways To Make Your Blog Trusted And Credible

Just like entering someones office foyer and being impressed with displays of credibility your blog needs to have on show some social proof that provides obvious statements stating quietly or loudly that it is worth staying around and maybe coming back because you are person of “note”.

So what types of independent social proof and credibility banners could you display on your blog and social media channels that indicates your “expert status” and position as a thought leader in your industry that might separate from your competition.

  1. Facebook shares (as indicated on your button at the top of the post),
  2. Twitter retweets
  3. Fans (Facebook fan page)
  4. Friends (Facebook personal page)
  5. Connections (LinkedIn)
  6. Traffic (Blog or Website)
  7. Subscriptions (including email and RSS)
  8. Awards won
  9. Video views (YouTube)
  10. Books Written
  11. eBooks published
  12. Speaking engagements booked and presented
  13. Advertising banners
  14. Twitter grade
  15. Website grade

Now just because you may be able to display many of these on your blog doesn’t mean all should be made prominent or else your design is going to suffer.

Also it may be best to not display subscriber numbers until you have a quantity that is significant enough to display. Also keep in mind these do not replace the main reason people will be visiting your blog because of the amazing original content they will be finding there.

There are other ways to display credibility to earn some “Kudos” when people view your site so if you have any more to add and share would love to hear your thoughts.

Image by Lan Bui

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