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20 Awesome Facebook Cover Photos

I switched on the Television last night very briefly and I can now see why Facebook is so popular!

Facebook Cover Photo Red Bull

There was nothing to watch.

Now I don’t have cable or Satellite TV, so that was maybe part of the problem,  but there is a method in my madness…it minimizes the temptation to sit in front of the “idiot box” and so allows me more time for reading and blogging.

Has Self Expression become the New Entertainment?

As I searched Facebook for these images I was reminded of the quote by Arianna Huffington,

self expression has  become the new form of entertainment” and that the popularity of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is evidence of this phenomenon.

A large part of this self expression is visual and the popularity of photos and images that are shared in their millions every day is evidence of the compelling power of well crafted high definition images and beautiful photos.

Jeff’s Bonus: Get 6 more of my favorite Facebook cover photos, plus 10 of my best Facebook tips. Easily save as a PDF and refer to it later. Click here to get these bonuses sent to you.

The New Facebook Timeline for Pages

This redesign is recognition of the increasing role that images are playing on the “visual social web” and you only have to witness the growth of Pinterest and Instagram to see this playing out.

Everyone has a camera in their pocket or bag these days as smart phones now have them as a standard feature. Add to this the ease of posting those photos to Facebook or Twitter with a few clicks and the web is awash with images from Bondi to Bulgaria.

The new Facebook timeline for pages has provided a bigger canvas for business and organisations to exhibit the essence of their brand.

I hope some of these images below may inspire you to consider what you publish as your cover image for your new Facebook page.

Which are your favourites?

What cover images have you discovered that you found compelling?

1. Red Bull

Facebook Red Bull

2. Skittles

Facebook Skittles

3. Monster Energy

Facebook Monster Energy

4. Nike Football

Facebook Nike Football

5. BlackBerry

Facebook Blackberry

6.  Top Gear

Facebook Top Gear

7. National Geographic

Facebook National Geographic

8. Intel

Facebook Intel

9. Sprite

Facebook Sprite

10. Ferrari

Facebook Ferrari

11. Gucci

Facebook Gucci

12. Louis Vuitton

Facebook Louis Vuitton

13. Mountain Dew

Facebook Mountain Dew

14. Animal Planet

Facebook Animal Planet

15. Baskin Robbins

Facebook Baskin Robbins

16. MAC Cosmetics

Facebook MAC Cosmetics

17. Sony

Facebook Sony

18. Lonely Planet

Facebook Lonely Planet

19. Turkish Airlines

Facebook Turkish Airlines

20. Star Gazing

Facebook Star Gazing

Jeff’s Bonus: Get 6 more of my favorite Facebook cover photos, plus 10 of my best Facebook tips. Easily save as a PDF and refer to it later. Click here to get these bonuses sent to you.

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  • Baskin Robbins.. YUM! Check out Nancy Pelosi’s page, regardless if one agrees with her political positions, must admit that’s a wicked cover photo.  http://www.facebook.com/NancyPelosi

  • freaking awesome – thanks for inspiration

    • Thanks for the comment Charles. Glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

    • Jeff Bullas

      Thanks Charles for dropping in and glad you enjoyed it. Information and news is good but we all need a dose of inspiration from time to time 🙂

  • Lisa Gangadeen

    These are excellent Facebook cover photos! Thank you for compiling these examples for us.  It’s amazing how some of them are quite simple too.

    -Lisa Gangadeen, The 33480 Group LLC

    • Thanks for the comment Lisa. Yes, sometimes simple is best!

  • These are fun! Thanks for sharing. My fav is the Skittles.

    Here’s mine: https://www.facebook.com/The.Write.Alley
    I think it works well and required nothing special, just placement of an image I already had–the cover of my book.

    • Thanks for dropping in and It was fun putting it together 🙂

  • Thanks for the question Linda. Number 20 is quite small. A follow up post on great cover photos from small biz might be a good idea!
    Watch this space 🙂

  • Glad you enjoyed it Jennifer. The images I like best are simple but engaging and closeup photos.

  • Just clicked through to it then 🙂

  • Galaxies has to be my favorite. Cool

  • Hey, Jeff good ones! This one from Corona is pretty good: 
    http://www.facebook.com/corona And here’s a few more on my related Facebook Timeline blog post here: http://socialmediarevolver.com/facebook-timeline-survival-guide/ [you can remove that second link if you think it’s too much, mate]

  • Small biz example for an ad agency having fun with the rules: http://www.facebook.com/brunnerworks

  • Heather Hamann

    Louis Vuitton’s is the best imho.  Blackberry’s is evocative.  Who doesn’t love a good food close-up (Baskin Robbin’s)…foodie porn.  Some of the others just look like billboards.  Big thumbs up on the Pelosi site.  Be clever!  (They are really saying something there.)
    This is a small business but it looks as good as some of those ‘big guys’:

    (There’s an extra nice message there, too.  Not just product, product, product.  Amazing what you can ‘say’ with the right photo.)

  • It’s always great to see what others come up with for their Facebook company pages. Terrific selection. 

  • These are so beautiful and a sight for sore eyes!

  • These are amazing, wonderful design covers. its great to see this posting here 🙂 

  • Guénolé Marquier

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  • If your looking for a creative Facebook cover like the ones posted in this article I suggest 
    http://www.addacover.com/  they have over 17,000 facebook covers!

  • Geniousbyron

    what is the image of the intel page? 

  • kevinboy

     i like Ferrari toooooooo mch wizeeeee

  • Billy

    Why not look beyond the brands with millions of dollars in their advertising budgets who can afford the photographers and editors to create such cover images. 

  • Thanks Christopher for your comment. It is a very cool image design!

  • Download Cover for Facebook at http://cover-download.com

    Facebook Cover Size at http://coversizefacebook.com

  • Sprite is phenomenal. If you can incorporate the profile picture into your cover photo that smoothly, it looks awesome. I believe any company capable of doing this, should, and would be missing out if they didn’t!

  • I love MACs design! Very simple but still awesome.

  • siva

    hi jennifer

  • Almost all of these are big brands that can easily afford pricey graphic artists. I’m much more impressed with kick-butt Facebook cover photos from small businesses that can barely afford to pay the electric bill.

  • This page blew my mind. Monster Energy is my favourite.

  • Quist Designs

    Take a look at this Creative Cover Photo!
    If you Like it, Please “Like it” 🙂

  • A-Rehman

    very impressive covers..

  • love the sprite one. i think i’ve just been super inspired… 🙂 check out my media page: facebook.com/jmmedia

  • I love it… it’s heartwarming.

  • Gail Wright
  • http://www.facebook.com/cutenomikhan
    See My Timeline ITs Amazing

  • Linh Doan

    hi, love what you shared. My fav are Turkish airline and Animal planet.

  • I love the Red Bull cover. It really needs to be relevant to what you are promoting.

  • Gucci Man! and I’ll need that Ferrari!! LOL

  • Sree Raj

    Just wow! Superb collection, Thank you very much!
    I found another collection of creative latest cover pics on Sociobits.org…

  • Alexandra

    I like the Kangaroo 🙂

  • Diana Scholten

    Look to http://www.facebook.com/commentrix it is also a very beautiful Facebookpage. And you know it is from a little communication consultancy, there is only one person working there, the owner. l like the logo and the picture of the dolphins!

  • Nice photos…

  • csswapan

    Wow Jeff ! really picky example ! these feature post advises me to change my business page accordingly. Thanks for your innovative share !

  • All banner are very creative design.

  • Ali Haider

    nice and very creative Facebook timeline covers weldone nice collection

    • Merna Gombez Jessica


  • They are all awesome:) Thanks for sharing.

  • kailashkhatri

    Nice collection of fb covers,
    If your looking for a creative
    Facebook cover
    like the ones posted in this article I suggest

  • wow nice…so interesting

  • Mariana Morales

    Hi awesome collection! Those pages have done an excellent work making those covers! for personal accounts covers i usually go to http://www.cover-guru.com they have the largest collection of FREE HD pictures for your Facebook cover. i have used like 10 by now XD

  • Most of these are big and popular companies, they check precisely care about their company profiles and updates. So we should follow these companies but keep in mind they hire pro graphic designers to create these attractive Facebook covers but we can also impress our customers or friends by using such type of awesome cover pictures.

  • Merna Gombez Jessica

    thank you for such nice collections and cool fb covers 🙂 thank you soooo much

  • they are not just 20 awesome covers… they are TwEnTy <3 best Facebook Covers on social media 😛

  • Saweel Ur Raheem

    great job admin nice and awesome covers,,,, even i use these covers to make my website looks great 🙂
    Saweel ur Raheem

  • Angelina James

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  • Nikhil

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  • They are creative and relevant to their services and products.

  • No doubt about this amazing and creative collection. Hats off to amazing brains those who created these stunning piece of designs. Thanks for sharing Jeff.

  • This is ultimate collections of facebook cover photo. your blog is superb and i am daily reader of your blog and i m learning lots of things from this blog. Thanks for sharing wonderful content.

  • I like the skittles and redbull..

    Red bull’s cover photo is my favorite. 😉