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5 Reasons To Tweet Before You Blog

Comments on your blog let you know that someone is out there reading your posts, it lets you know that  they are reading and finding the content occasionally interesting enough to make a statement.

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If it wasn’t for comments I would feel like a Town Crier at the South Pole.

5 Reasons To Tweet Before You Blog

Comments can either  agree and support your  argument in your post or they can offer an alternate view.

Negative comments are like being heckled during a speech but being ignored is a lonely experience.

A comment was posted recently that actually disagreed with my post “20 Reasons You Should Blog Before You Twitter” and after thinking about it… he is right!

Here is John’s comment.

“I started with Twitter to listen and learn and now have recently joined the conversation with my own blog to share and engage. My Twitter friends have given me so much in terms of great content. I share that primarily as most of my tweeting is RTs of other peoples blogs and content.
I see my new blog as my contribution platform – where I can make my offer my knowledge and expertise in return to the community. I could not have started with a blog. I needed Twitter to help me learn first.”
(John’s blog just launched in August and can be found at  jdbcolley.com)

So why do I now agree?

Twitter is a very simple way to dip your toe into social media and start finding out what other people are saying and you can build a following that then can provide a fast way to grow your blog with a ready to go audience.

So why tweet before you blog?

1. Twitter is simple

2. Twitter is non -threatening

3. You can build followers ready for launching your blog or website

4. On Twitter you can learn from the conversations

5. On Twitter you can be up and running fast

The only thing to keep in mind is that Twitter is not yours (you are there under their terms and conditions and that applies to other platforms like Facebook) and as such is your outpost, in essence they are your embassies in foreign lands and your tribe and followers are your envoys.

A blog is a home where you can build a substantial home base where you can build your brand and content.

You still need a blog it just doesn’t have to be the first thing you do.

What do you think?

Image by Jacob Whittaker

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