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QUIZ – What Type Of Digital Marketer Are You?

Traditional marketers wore suits and ties and sipped martinis at lunchtime.

They were the Don Draper’s of Madison Avenue fame. Creative types that enticed you with clever headlines and funky and funny television ads. The metrics were fluffy and the technology was a bit basic.

In an era of digital marketing much has changed and many things haven’t. Data scientists work and sit next to the creatives. The artists have a new friend. Tech geeks.

A few marketing channels have been replaced with many. But the art of headline writing and humour is still needed. Standing out is demanded but often not achieved.

Today we have many types of digital marketers. So what type of digital marketer are you?

Click on the blue button below and take the quiz before you burst with curiosity.

This quiz was created using the TryInteract technology platform, and the images from the cool creative team at 24Slides.