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How to Take Your Pinterest Engagement And Results To The Next Level

After all the buzz and commotion about “this” new site that is taking over social media, you have signed up for it and started using some of its features.How to Take Your Pinterest Engagement And Results To The Next Level

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Reading article after article, you have finally convinced yourself to join the new social media site on the rise, Pinterest. That was pretty much my story with my encounter of Pinterest. I joined the site, setup my Pinterest profile, setup some new boards, and went on to repin some of the content on there.

Same with you, you  started the Pinterest journey. Everything is going well and you hit a wall.

Or maybe you are not quite happy with the results you are getting from the engagement you are putting into Pinterest. This can certainly happen after the “beginner” stage has disappeared and you are diving into a more advanced stage. You may be worried sick that you are not using Pinterest correctly and that this social media site is not what everyone said it was supposed to be.

This article is just for you and me who have joined Pinterest for a while and wants to bump up his engagement and get those amazing results the pros are getting!

Make Pinterest your Number 1!

When you have more than three children, you try to love them all equally. But among all of them, there is a favorite child that you love to give the extra for. You love Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinteret; you try to give them all the love equally.

But have you noticed that they all receive mediocre results?

But you are looking for results out of this world on PinterestNow is the time to focus all of your energies into one social media site and love Pinterest the most. Engage the most with Pinterest and I guarantee you will love the results that come with it.

You are still stuck on multi-love for social media!

Mention your love for Pinterest all of the time!

Mention to your readers you are on Pinterest! Show your readers that you love them on Pinterest! Talk much about your love for Pinterest!

Pinterest Love What are you saying through those three statements?

I am saying that if you are looking to gain more followers on there, they have to see you actually care about using Pinterest.

Add here and there in your article, encouraging them to share the article on their pinterest profiles.

Remember, the more mentions on your blog, the more chances the reader will understand your point in getting them to follow you.

Create Separate Sharing Boards

My special strategy I use on Pinterest is to create separate sharing boards and pin all of the articles I like from around the internet onto specific sharing boards.

Create sharing boards on PinetrestThis helps me separate my own pinned articles from the pinning of other articles from around the internet.

Now I can go along Pinterest and pin as much as I would like without burying my own articles in the mix.

Add More Diverse Boards

I have many types of boards on my Pinterest profile.  The more boards you have, the better the chance of gaining a new follower or the repinning of one of your own pins.

Create more diverse boards on Pinterest

It gives a very good impression to a new visitor and a very good chance to take your pinterest results to the next level!

Like and Repin Some More!

If you are getting not so great results from the activity you are placing on Pinterest, then your activity could be not well enough.

One way to dramatically increase results and engagement on this social media site is to “like” constantly while you are browsing.

Repin more on Pinterest

It is so easy to like pins around the site and doing this will let the Pinnner know that you have liked on of his pins.

You may never know if he will follow your boards right back or like your stuff in return.

Repinning is the greater version of liking!

Repinning will generate more buzz and activity back to your profile even more than just “liking”.

Just setup some sharing boards like mentioned previously, and you’re good to go on “repinning” your neighbor’s pins!

Get out of the rut

The rut is a horrible feeling and you just want to get out. Well, you have read an article that will lead you out to the promised land of many followers and massive repins!

Keep up the work you are putting into Pinterest and add some of these techniques into your mix of engagement.

Guest Author: Samuel Pustea is the owner at Internet Dreams where you can engage and learn how to succeed with your blog or website. Samuels talks about SEO, blogging, social media, and much more.

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