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How To Torment A Telemarketer With Just One Word

This week’s reading of  social media marketing blogs and viewing of YouTube videos provided me with a few creative thoughts and had me thinking, nodding and eventually smiling as I stumbled upon a simple method of infuriating a Telemarketer enough to hang up by just uttering one ‘three’ letter word.How To Torment A Telemarketer With One Word

So before I reveal that word, here are five social media blog posts that I read this week that had some important lessons you could apply and also integrate into your clients social media strategies.

1. Online Marketing Still A Faith Based Initiative. Why? What’s The Fix?

This post by Avinash from his widely read blog ‘Occam’s Razor‘ was a transcript of his presentation to an audience of CEO’s and highlights the faith based approach of using the traditional  marketing mediums despite the fact that they are almost impossible to measure. He also mentions the surreal reality of large amounts of dollars still being spent on mass media due to most CEO’s being either digitally challenged or uncomfortable with the Web and the need for the companies to understand that marketing has changed forever…Read more

2. 92 Essental Social Media Resources

Mashable from time to time comes out with some great resources that provide you with days and days of reading that will be a great reference for your social media marketing tool box.. Read more

3. How to Build a Successful BusinessWith a Small Audience

Copyblogger is one of the top blogs on how to write great copy as well as headlines.   Being successful is not always on quantity but quality and as Seth Godin mentions in his book ‘Tribes’ is that you only need a 1,000 fans to be successful and to start a movement. Johnathon Mead shows you how this can be done including examples and some case studies.. Read more

4. 7 Common Social Media Marketing Problems and Their Solutions

This post from Top Rank Blog created by Lee Odden  includes live blog notes from the presentation given by Adam Singer of TopRank Online Marketing. Adam opened up noting that according to a research study by Russell Herder and Ethos Business Law, 14% of executives are unsure of social media, yet 70% expect to spend more. Here is Lee’s take on 7 Common Social Media Problems and their Solutions.. Read more

5. Social Media: The New Curriculum

Social media is an asset or a liability depending on what you are posting and where and for graduates this can be an essential element of your employment strategy.  If you are wanting to be found online and offline and create the right impression for future employees or business partners, making sure you have the right online brand and create the best impression on social media platforms is becoming paramount. Here are a few tips… Read more

Note: All of  us have had the dubious pleasure of being interrupted by an intrusive telemarketer, one of the benefits with social media marketing is that it is essentially permission based and does not annoy the potential customer.

In our office we are thinking of  starting a competition for the most creative method of shutting down a telemarketer…Here is a funny video of how to do this by using just one word.  I hope this video puts a smile on your dial and kicks off your week with a bit of laughter and humour. (It’s short at 1 minute and 20 seconds)

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