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28 Reasons Why The CEO Is Afraid Of Social Media

Social Media 4I talk everyday to clients who want a new website and want to be found online, but the word Social Media doesn’t even enter the conversation and isn’t included in the initial brief. They do know what Social Media is, but they have all these reasons and excuses about why they shouldn’t be integrating it into their company website and include it in their marketing strategy.

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So here are 28 reasons some companies aren’t using Social Media.

  1. It is detrimental to employee productivity
  2. It could damage the company’s reputation
  3. Security risk
  4. Fear of the unknown
  5. We already have information overload
  6. Don’t know enough about it
  7. So much of what’s discussed online is shallow and we have real work to do
  8. We don’t have the time or resources to contribute and moderate
  9. Our customers don’t use it
  10. Traditional media is still bigger, we will use Social Media when it is more mainstream
  11. It doesn’t fit into current structures
  12. No guaranteed results
  13. The tools to measure and analyze Social Media aren’t mature enough yet
  14. We are in B2B and who wants to hear about our boring product on a blog or twitter
  15. We will lose control of our brand and image
  16. Upper management won’t provide support
  17. Waiting on ROI (return on investment) with facts and figures
  18. We are afraid of making a mistake
  19. Lack of experience
  20. Ignorance
  21. Unwilling to be transparent
  22. Confusion
  23. No money
  24. No expertise
  25. Lack of leadership
  26. Terrified of feedback and truth
  27. The “newness” of  it, going to wait.
  28. High degree of skepticism

So they are some of the reasons and excuses… so “How do you convince a CEO to enter the 21st century and implement internet marketing?”

Well its 1.51am Sunday morning in Sydney, Australia and the answer to that question has to be done at another time.. I will keep you posted!

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