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Is Social Media a Serious Threat to Your Privacy? – Infographic

Privacy is something we all value, but some value it more than others.

Is Social Media a Serious Threat to Your Privacy - Infographic

Social media has taken previously private conversations from offline to online.  Facebook and Twitter have lead this charge onto an open and social web that reveals everything for all to see.

Add a little bit of youth, inexperience and lack of self control and you have a feast of public communication in all its multimedia glory, that sometimes makes you feel like a peeping tom.

To others it’s a voyeur’s paradise that compels and draws you back to view and read whether you like it or not.

The devices, technology and communication is changing rapidly but we as humans change slowly and adapting to this social network ecosystem is exposing our crawling adaptation to this new communication paradigm.

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Trust, Control and Privacy on a Social Web

Research shows that nearly two thirds of us don’t trust online companies like Facebook. Facebook has constantly tweaked its complex security settings over the years and despite protests and public outcry it seems that the situation has not improved. Studies show that 68% of Facebook users do not understand the social network’s privacy settings.

According to a 2011 report by MSNBC and the Ponemon Institute internet users feel they have less control over their personal information today than they did 5 years ago.

Social Media Privacy
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What about You?

Do you want more control over your privacy on Facebook? Is it too complex?

Have you come to accept that what you share online is public and then communicate appropriately?

Look forward to hearing your views on privacy on a social web that is challenging our perceptions of how and what we share.

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