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Why I’m Attending the Largest Software Conference in the World

Why I’m Attending the Largest Software Conference in the World

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It’s crazy to think that one of the world’s largest technology organizations and this year’s Forbes’ most innovative company in the world, Salesforce, started its life in a small San Francisco apartment in 1999.

That’s where I’m headed in November. Not the small apartment, but the largest software conference in the world: Dreamforce.

Why showing up matters

It’s easy in today’s connected world to hide away in your corporate cubicle or your home office, but long-lasting relationships and learning experiences that are beneficial to you or your business are created in real life.

Industry and networking events break you out of your environment to rub shoulders, hear stories and feel the energy, passion and innovation that makes a live event so successful. These events are also the places you get valuable insights into emerging trends in the industry and what some of the world’s leading trailblazing businesses are doing to innovate, grow and give back.

How big is Dreamforce?

One word sums it up. Enormous.

Last year there were over 170,000 people in San Francisco, with more expected this year. With over 2,700 sessions to choose from, it’s almost impossible not to learn and be inspired.

Planning ahead, I am excited to dive into all things marketing. My top picks for my agenda this year are:

Who is speaking?

Dreamforce attracts some of the world’s most inspirational, topical and well-known speakers. And when I say well-known, I mean it – this year’s keynote speakers include Michelle Obama and Ashton Kutcher!

Other notable keynote speakers from the wider industry include:

  • Bozoma Saint John – Chief Brand Officer, Uber
  • Cristina M. Jones – EVP, Technology & Creative Strategy, 21st Century Fox
  • Susan Wojicki – CEO of YouTube

I’m especially looking forward to hearing about the strategies these brands employ to be truly market-leading and Salesforce’s CEO Marc Benioff taking to the stage to speak on Salesforce’s vision for the year ahead. It will certainly be a long way from the 1999 San Fran apartment!

What will I be looking out for?

One of the best aspects of attending conferences like Dreamforce is the insight into the latest and emerging industry trends. There is nothing like getting these inside stories from those truly in the know. With speakers from household brand names on the bill, Dreamforce is sure to deliver on this front.

Alongside my staple marketing sessions, I am also keen to explore those on artificial intelligence, marketing automation and using data to make better decisions for your business.

Dreamforce is not just a conference. It is an experience that I don’t want to miss! I’m looking forward to sharing my key learnings, experiences and insights over the week and upon my return.

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