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Oscars And Online Buzz: Is Twitter Leading The Noise?

The Oscars were on the TV and while that was unfolding I was also online monitoring the tweets coming through about the Oscars. Online Social Media Buzz Oscars and Twitter

I know the ladies out there are thinking, ” how can a male be multi-tasking”?  Well I know it is hard to believe but I was, mind you it was only two tasks.

To take it to a new level for the male species I stepped it up a notch and commenced a third simultaneous task and fired up a new online web monitoring tool that I will be introducing to my clients in the near future  that measures “Buzz” on the Web, including social media.

As the Oscars are a hot topic I inserted the keyword “Oscars” into the application and let it start to measure the pulse of the noise online.

While writing this article dawn will be prying open the eyes of  the New Yorkers and then slowly creep across the Continental USA, waking each one in turn with light and alarms. The newspaper’s online editors fingers will be hovering over the publishing buttons on their websites ready to push out the the latest news on the Oscars… and the monitoring app is till counting the noise.

24 hours later after the Oscars have finished, what are the results?

  1. Twitter wins with – 33,429 micro posts
  2. News Articles – 3,828 News Items
  3. Blogs  – 630 posts
  4. Images – 232 photos
  5. Online Video – 6, including 3 Youtube videos

Oscars Online Buzz Twitter Wins

Twitter with an obviously dominating 88% wins the social media race. Followed by News at 10% and blogs with 2%.

Twitter is such an easy an transparent platform to post online that this result was no surprise.

So did you Tweet during and after the Oscars?

PS: Next Project? I will be registering the top 20 global brands into the interface and see which brand is generating the most “Buzz” online. I will keep you posted.

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