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The Importance of Business Advisors and Coaches (Episode 86)

Adam Stott is the owner of Big Business Events, and one of the UK’s top business advisors and specialists in growth. By the age of 19, Adam had bought his first house, and was earning in excess of a hundred thousand pounds per year by the age of 28.

He was running a company with 30 million pound turnover that was employing a hundred people by the age of 33. 

Adam was up on the use of social media, and now helps a lot of people with their social media to grow their business, and remains a key influence with a huge social media following.

As he’s come to say, “He was born to make bucks”, and now he tries his best to help others do the same.

Before his success, Adam was a terrible, terrible student. He didn’t finish school, and has come to find that most of the business basics aren’t something you can learn in traditional schooling anyway. In order to do well in school, you have to sit for exams and memorize things, but that simply didn’t work for Adam.

What inspired him to be an entrepreneur was the realization that he didn’t have to be good at school to figure out what he loved and become successful. He very quickly learned what he didn’t like, but the experience led him to a job in sales, which unlocked his passion. 

Once he started selling TVs and washing machines, he went from being the most unenthusiastic person (doing manual labor, or anything else, on a building site, trying to avoid doing any work), to an enlightened, Tasmanian devil of sales. 

So how did this evolve into business? He hit the glass ceiling – the limits of what you can do when you’re working for other people. The next option was to start his own business, which is exactly what he did. 

Big Business Events

Adam’s first business experience was more of a salvage journey, working in multiple different sales roles. Every time he found something that he was good at, he became even more enthusiastic.

He started to really learn sales, studying it and mastering it until it became natural. 

Adam started his first business in 2008, right in the global financial crash. Just prior, he was in a highly paid job at BMW. He had a brand new car every three months, and quit, sold his house, and moved back in with his parents to start this business.

He was leaning on excuses as he watched his money dwindle away – he started at the wrong time, the economy was bad, he was just unlucky. Luckily, one of his mentors shook him out of this mindset, revealing to him that this was the reality.

He wasn’t in a recession. The economy was alright. Winners make their own. 

After this, he started building his business.

He moved from a Sales frenzy into Marketing, listening to everything he could. He went from knowing zero to virtually every marketing technique: everything about copywriting, everything about direct mail, everything about email marketing and automation.

Finally, he started exploring social media, which was the catalyst of his growth.

He achieved seven figures in his first year, and then another year had completely different results.

That year was an incredibly important time for Adam, because he wasn’t going to be able to grow anymore without the right structures in place.

In the next few years, they were able to grow the largest social media following in the world in that industry.

Adam went from being broke to managing over a million pound a week. 

This turned into a massive amount of stress over the course of seven years, which led him to radically change his perspective, and look for fun.

That’s when he closed the car business and started Big Business Events.

Business Advisors

When he first started out, Adam didn’t believe in business advisors. He had access to wise people but wanted nothing to do with them. Looking back, he sees how his ego prevented him from growing. In his mind, he had something to prove. 

When he moved to the United States and started working with Americans, he met a few people that had rapidly grown their acumen, their knowledge, their business, and as people.

He saw firsthand that the transference of knowledge gets better results. This really woke him up and he thought,

Why am I not doing this?

Just like sales and marketing, Adam started to invest a lot in coaching. 

Since then, he has found that the fastest way to learn what you need to learn is through coaching and mentoring. It was this experience that led him to see the gap in the market – he had mastered his field, and now he had an opportunity to train others.


Big Business Events holds in-person and online events for people looking to start and grow businesses. One of their most popular events is a social media event called “Social Media Domination”,  during which Adam shares his strategy from his car business, and how he grew into a multi-million-pound business. 

Every single client always starts with the same four-step strategy. It’s easy, repeatable, and has reliable, measurable results.

Separate from these foundational workshops, they also offer further training that can be personalized to your company’s specific circumstances. 

During their 2-3 day conferences, they focus on a few key questions:

How do you turn social media into a machine that delivers you clients consistently and sustainably?

How do you turn advertising into profit? 

How do you set up a business in a way that it works like a machine and produces profitable results? 

Finally, Adam and his team of business advisors offer the products that they’ve developed to help answer these questions. 

The Importance of Personal Growth for Success

Business growth is really important, but doesn’t exist on its own. If you don’t evolve as a human being, it won’t matter how much money you have – you won’t be the person you want to be.

If you find the people that have done what you want to do, and those people are qualified business advisors and excited to share, don’t be afraid to ask for guidance. 

If you want to grow a business, your business will grow in direct proportion to the amount of conversations you have. The more that you do that, the more results you will see professionally and personally.

To engage in more conversations like this, you can find Adam Stott by connecting with him through his website, or listen to The Jeff Bullas Show here.

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