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How to Monetize Art with Fair Media Exposure (Episode 78)

Avidor Rabinovich is the managing partner of Vidalgo. The web-based software is for digital artists, animators, consumers, and collectors – allowing the creation, customization, and exchange of animated artwork. It combines NFT (Nonrefundable Token) blockchain technologies with media exposure.

For the past few years, Avidor has been leading high-tech companies in multiple sectors. He wants to take museums and galleries, and digitize them, including animations. Artists and creators can create short animations to make money, which can be part of the platform while still connecting directly with clients.

These clients might be individual buyers that wish to buy a piece of artwork, but can also appeal to people who actually believe in digital art investment. In essence, this marketplace is the meeting point between creators and artists, and allows for interaction between the artists and the stakeholders.

Blockchain Technology

Recently, a piece of digital artwork was sold online for around $65 million dollars.

Blockchain technology makes sure artists continue getting paid by keeping track of purchases, and the differences in prices. For example, as the art keeps getting sold, the artist takes 10% of the difference, which means that they keep benefiting from their creation.

The art you’re selling can be allowed to be sold through different mediums for media exposure, and keeps being sold to other collectors, as the original artist you still benefit from each sale.

Now, through the evolution of social media, when you create content it gets shared and can very easily be separated from the creator. Many times, Google takes that content and presents it, but they don’t drive viewers to your website. Google can still monetize that by selling Google ads, essentially stealing content, or at least the profit from the media exposure.

There’s a world of underground battles going on: between the algorithms and the major platforms who are working out how they can steal stuff from the small guys, how can anyone make money?

You can start off partnering with a new, smaller social media platform, but once they become big, it will take the same path. For this reason, you have to constantly make plans for the future.

You can’t control Facebook. You can’t control Google. But you can control YOU. You have to ask yourself, “What can I do to control what I do?”

Media Exposure Without Large Platforms

In the end, what Avidor and his team are exploring are platforms for creators that allow them to make money without relying on Google or Facebook. They provide marketing opportunities, the chance to publish on their website, social media, even emails, so that you can interact with your clients without getting stopped by paywalls or fineprint.

If you are a well-known painter, and you paint a picture, you don’t sell your painting for $10. You sell from your bank for thousands or millions of dollars. With Vidalgo, you can do it before you die. This is their motivation.

Even before the digital age of media exposure, artists have always been left without proper aid. Van Gough died close to penniless, because he didn’t sell any art before he died. It’s an incredibly sad truth. Here’s someone who’s creating beautiful art that benefited the world for generations, but he dies in poverty?

Artists are not marketers or entrepreneurs. They just want to create art because they enjoy it.

What they need are people who are able and willing to provide the rest; give them a platform that takes away the complexity of marketing lessons so that they can make money.

With just a few clicks, you can do all the complex things that you need to do using Vidalgo’s artificial intelligence technology.

To get started using Vidalgo, head over to their website here.

As humans, we’re naturally creative, and Avidor is providing a platform to help those creators feed their families, make money, and maybe retire to France.

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