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The 10 Most Popular Facebook Marketing Presentations

Content marketing is one of the most powerful ways to engage your target audience.The 10 Most Popular Facebook Marketing Presentations

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Often the content that we have on our computers that should be shared with the world to promote your brand remains hidden and offline.

YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are well known social media and social networking channels that can help spread your content and ideas.

Slideshare is an often forgotten and undiscovered social media platform where you can upload your PowerPoint presentations and make them visible to the world wide web.

The power of Slideshare is that it is easy for people to spread your visual ideas by

  • Sharing from the platform on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Making it downloadable
  • Enable it to be made a  favourite
  • Allowing people to embed it in their blog or website
  • Email it to friends and colleagues

Here are some popular Slideshare presentations on Facebook Marketing.

The 10 Most Popular Facebook Marketing Presentations

1. The 5 Tools for Effective Facebook Marketing

This presentation by Justin Kistner of Web Trends and Dan Zarella of Hubspot looks at the tools and the power of Facebook marketing where fans are looking for deals and news. It reveals the top 3 reasons people will “like” a brand’s Facebook page

  1. Brand Invite orAd – 75%
  2. Friend – 59%
  3. Search – 49%

The 5 Key Tools for Effective Facebook Marketing

2. A Brief Intro to Facebook Marketing

This presentation is by Webtrends and looks at the reasons marketers should care about social and especially Facebook due to its ability to create

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

It also looks at social media as the third era of the web and highlights Facebook’s importance due to the fact that over 90% of all social marketing is done on Facebook.

Brief intro Facebook Marketing

3. Marketing in the Facebook Era

This presentation by @ClaraShih looks at the trends including the fact that CMO’s are shifting dollars to social media marketing. She also looks at the 4 pillars of Facebook marketing.

  1. Facebook apps
  2. Facebook pages
  3. Facebook Ads
  4. Engagement Ads

She also puts forward the idea of Facebook as a forum for on-line identity and branding.

Marketing in the Facebook Era (@ClaraShih)

4. Facebook Marketing for Your Business

Richard Krueger who wrote “Facebook Marketing for Dummies” in this presentation looks at “Why Facebook Matters” and the 5 Steps to Building your Facebook Presence

  1. Expanding your network of frriends
  2. Joining and participating
  3. Monitoring
  4. Creating
  5. Managing ad campaigns

He also looks at Facebook’s targeting features

View the presentation

5. Facebook Best Practice Guide

This presentation by Boris Loukanov touches on the 3 Key elements of the Facebook ecosystem.

  • Building
  • Engaging
  • Amplifying

He also outlines the 5 guiding principles to Facebook marketing.

View the presentation

6. Facebook Marketing – Leveraging the World’s Most Powerful Social Network

Jason Cormier asks three key Facebook Marketing questions (and answers them). He also recommends 6 Facebook starters for beginners.

  1. Use a fan page not a group page
  2. Use a vanity URL
  3. Enable posts by admin and fans
  4. Leverage custom tabs
  5. Invite followers via email lists and web pages
  6. Promote to related Group pages

He also covers the importance of monitoring interaction  and trends

View presentation

7. 8 Success Criteria for Facebook Marketing

Jeremiah Owyang from the Altimeter Group provides analysis that reveals how brands lack social media marketing maturity by not leveraging social features and what you can learn from that.

Criteria include

  • Set Community expectations
  • Provide cohesive branding
  • Be up to date

Recommendations include bolstering your Facebook pages with applications from third parties and integrate your Facebook marketing with your other on-line properties.

View this presentation

8. The Science of Facebook Marketing

Dan Zarella features again with his scientific take and debunks the popular nugget that “Ideas spread because they  are good”. Some takeawys include

  • Facilitate existing relationships
  • People have profiles, brands have pages
  • Help your users look cool

He also covers some of the demographics of Facebook

View presentation

9. 15 Learnings from the Top 50 Brands on Facebook

This presentation by Axon Alex who highlights some key elemnts of Facebook marketing including

  • Fans like free stuff
  • It’s another website
  • Show you care. Your fan will too

Some of the brands touched on are Red Bull. Target and Coca Cola

View presentation

10. Facebook Engagement Rate

Frozen Frogs looks at what is the benchmark to understand if fans are really engaged with Fans by testing 100 brands Facebook pages. They found that 5 major trends to create engagement included

  1. Brand new information or products
  2. Provide savings
  3. Be green
  4. Do something special
  5. Use eye catching images and videos

They then go on to provide examples.

View presentation

What are the key takeaways you learned from these Facebook marketing presentations?

Bonus Presentation

This is from the ever charming Mari Smith

Facebook Marketing Success” – A Proven Seven-Step Formula

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