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The CEO And Social Media

One of the biggest challenges any company or CEO has is trying to decide on what to devote your time and resources on to achieve the best result.  Some of the questions the CEO is going to ask are..”Do weCEO and Social Media spend more money on making the company more efficient? ..do we focus more  budget on marketing to increase sales?.. do we invest in more technology to reduce costs? … and the list goes on.

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The reality is that the CEO has to be behind any project for it to be provided the resources and commitment for it to ultimately succeed.

For your social media marketing to be successful the first and most important step is the support and backing by the CEO.

Last week I had the pleasure to catch up for a coffee with Greg Savage the CEO of ‘Firebrand Talent” (a global recruitment company with nearly 70 offices worldwide) who I had met through his marketing executive, Carolyn Hyams via the social media network. Greg is a CEO who ‘gets social media‘ and is using social media successfully, both personally and for his company.

Greg is on Twitter and has a blog titled ‘The Savage Truth‘ and these two social media channels are just part of his activities on social media and he uses them to enhance his personal brand and extend and optimize his influence both offline in the real world as well as digitally online.

In a future post I will be publishing an online video interview with Greg on how he and his company are using social media.

In the meantime here are some posts that look at the CEO and social media.

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Does your CEO ‘get’ social media or he still in digital deficit?

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