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The Key Secret to Facebook Marketing

Do you remember planning that tropical beach side holiday? You trawl the web, view the stunning photos of romantic resorts in faraway places and dream of an escape from the grey skies and the day to day grind.The Key Secret to Facebook Marketing

After weeks and months of reading reviews and meticulous research the power of your imagination becomes so strong that you can almost smell the sea, feel the white pristine sand crunching beneath your toes and taste that ice cold Pina Coloda as you watch that sun set over the crystal clear shimmering lagoon.

Quite often though there is a gap between the dream and the reality that delivers disappointment.

When you arrive at that dream destination, the beach isn’t so white, the turquoise lagoon looks more like your washing water and they don’t know how to make that cocktail.

Facebook marketing it seems suffers a similar fate where perception does not match reality.

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The Perception versus Reality Gap

A recent study by the IBM Institute for Business Value has discovered that many companies think that the main reason consumers visit their Facebook page is because they want to feel part of a community. This would include learning about new products and offering opinions about products and services.

The reality is quite different according to the survey that shows that the consumers are saying that

“Getting tangible value is the top reason they interact with a company“.

The Key Secret to Facebook Marketing

So What is Tangible Value?

At the end of the day consumers will interact with your business if they feel it is to their benefit. It isn’t rocket science and at the end of the day the “KISS” (Keep it Simple Stupid) principle dictates that your customer is really only interested in what is in it for them. Remember, it is not about ‘you” it is about your customer.

Tangible value can include

  • Receiving discounts
  • Obtaining a Coupon
  • Purchasing

Providing this value is what your customers are wanting.

The Opportunity

The opportunity and the good news from this study for companies is that you can monetize social media. People are willing to transact on Facebook with it being ranked at number two by the consumer. Social commerce is becoming a reality and consumers are expecting it.

Obtaining that valuable ROI from your social networking properties is no longer a dream but a reality that can be produced from your social media marketing if you are happening to be listening to your customers and provide a benefit.

A Facebook Case Study in Tangible Value

Cold Stone Creamery is an ice cream franchiser that operates at 1,500 locations in 16 countries. Their eGift program on Facebook is an example of social commerce that provides tangible benefit through followers being able to send gifts to friends.

The goal was not only provide the benefit to the consumer but drive measurable impact on in-store sales.

Cold Stone Creamery Facebook Page

From the Cold Stone’s Creamery Facebook page customers

  • Select one or more friends to send gifts to
  • Choose the product they would like their their friends to receive
  • Add a personal message
  • Proceed through a security rich checkout process

The recipient receives Facebook message or email with the eGift  and its associated redemption code and the recipients can then redeem their treat and customize its flavor in any U.S. Cold store location.

The results were that within weeks eGift added thousands of dollars in incremental new sales to franchisees.

The Key Secret to Facebook Marketing

Produce that tangible benefit for your customer! Great photos and engaging content are all good. Motivating people to ‘like’ your page is also important but at the end of the day those discounts and vouchers that can be obtained on your Facebook page seem to work.

Keep that in mind when planning your Facebook page and marketing campaign.

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