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The Lazy Way To Make Awesome Online Videos That Increase Sales

Online video has become mainstream, it wasn’t a decade ago.

Try these AI-powered video marketing tools:

  • InVideo offers ready-made templates for easy video creation. It has AI tools to boost productivity such as script generation and text-to-video editor.
  • Elai.io allows users to create customized videos with a presenter without the need for a camera, studio, or green screen. The platform offers 25 high-quality avatars, 75 languages, 450 voices, and the ability to generate a video from a prompt or URL. It also allows users to clone their own voice and transform presentations into videos with customizable avatars and dynamic animations.
  • Opus Clip is a generative AI video tool that repurposes long talking videos into shorts in one click.

I remember drawing up a business plan and having meetings with the major distributors of video in the late 1990’s because I had this dream of  being able to distribute video on the Web to people on demand. There was a problem, the internet was too slow and waiting for a video to download was measured in multiple hours and not minutes.  The Lazy Way To Make Great Online Videos That Increase Sales

Fast forward seven years and YouTube launches in 2005 and is sold to Google a year later for $1.65 billion. Online video is now mainstream. Since then we have seen it become available in high definition and on mobile phones as we not only have the fixed line networks delivering high speed internet but 3G mobile networks are now providing broadband to mobile devices such as the iPhone and the iPad.

The Rise And Rise Of Online Video

So with the rise of online video on demand anywhere and everywhere, progressive and smart marketers are starting to use online video to sell and market in ways that were not even imagined.

How You Can Use Online Video For Marketing

Online video can be used for marketing your brand in various ways including:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Content creation
  • Position the company as a thought leader
  • Improves your SEO also known as “search engine optimization” (move you up the rankings of a Google search and maybe even get you on page one where 90% of all clicks to search results happen)
  • Improve views to press releases by 500%
  • Improve call to action responses for event registration, whitepaper download, webinar sign up and product service/trial

The Challenge

The challenge though is that making online videos that produce positive marketing results and look professional and don’t diminish your brand can be time consuming and the learning process can be lengthy. It is a whole new  skill set that needs to be learnt and optimized.

There are companies though that take your hand and provide you with the tools and the expertise online that make it easy for the “lazy” marketer to self create online professional videos that significantly improve conversion rates for emails, websites and sales campaigns.

The Lazy Video Marketers Solution

One such company is Visible Gains that provides you with a software platform and resources that that make it easy for you to make your own online marketing videos. Here is a short 2 minute video interview with Visible Gains CEO, Cliff Pollan that outlines what they can provide for the video marketer.

So what does Visible Gains provide you?

  1. Video editing software that creates the professional videos in segments that can be interchanged for different target audiences
  2. Non linear navigation that reacts to user input
  3. Clickable elements on and around the video that allow the user to download supporting content and connect to company individuals
  4. Online Tutorials
  5. Analytics and Reporting that shows the video opt-in rate, engagement profile and  conversion rates

Visible Gains Online Video Production Process

So if you want to accelerate your  online video marketing program it is maybe worth checking out Visible Gains and by the way they also provide a free trial.

I look forward to hearing about your online video success stories.

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