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The Perfect Facebook Post?

Perfection. What is that?

In the world of cars ….is it a Ferrari? If it is art… could it be the Mona Lisa? With the profession of architecture, is it personified in the Sydney Opera House?The Perfect Facebook Post

A rose?

Big claims… but you have to admit their all damm good. Memorable even…and maybe even the term excellent could be rolled out and we could even stretch it to “awesome”. 

When you see something that is splendid you know it. The visual impact can be visceral , emotional and inspiring.

Whatever the phrase it is always good to strive for perfection. But keep in mind that if you are always “waiting” for your creation to be sublime and faultless then that post will never be published or that book will never be written.

At some stage the finger needs to hit that “publish” button or that “enter” key.

7 Tips for the Perfect Facebook Post

Images on Facebook are the most shared of any media. As humans we do like a good picture. Facebook just makes it easy to acknowledge that with a “like” or if we get really get excited we can even share it with our 500 “best” friends.

Creating a perfect Facebook post for images is maybe not possible, but here are 7 tips to help you move along the spectrum of excellence towards a “God like” Facebook post.

1. Post copy

Keep it short and sharp and less than 90 characters or make sure that you if you have a URL include it near the top of that text. Oh yes…asking a question about the image is sublime because it increases engagement.

2. Call to action

You need to include a URL in your post copy that drives your audience either deeper into Facebook, your blog or website. Also make that ugly long link more attractive by shortening it with bit.ly

A bit like putting lipstick on a pig.

3. Target your Post

If you are targeting a country, language or audience then make the post relevant and specific for them.  

4. Timely promotion

Want to reach a bigger audience?… then run it as a “sponsored story” on Facebook within 24 hours of posting. To ensure it works as an ad unit make sure the image is square.

5. Image Upload

Make it at least 300×300 pixels and use an image that has high impact. This includes close-ups of people (don’t use a company logo) and colors like red and orange are good.

6. Mobile first

Facebook is very often viewed on a mobile (some figures show that as being 70%) so use simple images, short copy and yes/no questions are ideal.

7. Engage

Publishing that image post to Facebook is just the start. Engage with your audience with comments and even questions.

The perfect facebook post

Infographic Source: Salesforce.com blog 

What about you?

What has been the best Facebook post you have ever published. Was it an image, a video or something else?

What techniques and tactics have worked for you?

Look forward to hearing your stories in the comments below.



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  • Jeff, I was just writing a column about Facebook to a group of late adopters. Thanks so much for this post. I will share it with all. -Diane Seidle

    • Thanks Diane for your comment and for sharing. You are awesome! 🙂

  • Thanks for another great post Jeff. I’m about to launch a family friendly employment website, so much of our core content like interview tips, employment stats and the like are pretty bland and don’t get heaps of FB love. We do throw in regular posts using images and humour though and one ended up with 60K reach just last week – http://on.fb.me/10w5ajE. Not bad for a page with an 8K fan base 🙂

  • Good points Jeff! i would add a tip on point #5 for b2c companies – make sure if you are showing your Company on Faebook to let a pro photographer take your pics! On Facebook remarkable pics to The difference!

  • I kept updating the date of my post to make it go 200+ but this loop-hole no longer exists.

  • Robdog

    Hey How you doing…I’m new to this and I’d like to start some form of business online but am kinda green and don’t really have the true direction that’s needed. I keep trying to learn new things and it’s kinda overwhelming. My main trade was HVAC with 33 yrs into it. I got hurt and really cant work the trade no more so I’m kinda stuck on what to do! I enjoy your blog posts because you have an endless number of things I can learn from.

    • A suggestion. Tap into your passion and start writing online about it. Take it from there and keep working on it. You may surprise yourself no matter what age you are!

  • Thanks Estee. 🙂

  • Image upload. Nice bait. People don’t usually read until something catches their attention. Since I don’t want to use blunt words on my post (blunt, explicit words usually rings the alarm), I use catchy pictures to lure them in. So when I use Colibri Tool in tracking my traffic, I can see that the facebook post has indeed compelled some clicks. Now, it’s the conversion that I am working on. I’ll try advertising on fb as you have suggested. Thanks!

  • Well-done Jeff. I don’t know about everyone else but for me it is pure gold. worth sharing it.

  • Makemoneygal

    Nice tips here Jeff. You hear a lot about writing the perfect blog post. It’s nice to see a detailed guide on how to write the perfect Facebook post. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great copy and great photographs/imagery are a wonderful start. Thanks for the organized tips.

  • Thanks for the post! You make some solid points. I especially like the fact that you highlight that Facebook users are mostly logging on with their mobile device. People seem to discount that fact when they post on their accounts. I, personally, skim through my newsfeed so if your copy is more than 90 characters, there’s definitely a good chance I’m not consuming any of the information written on that particular post. Keeping just that one point in mind can significantly affect whether or not your audience is paying any attention to what your company has to say! Thanks again for the reminder!

  • Susie QGuru

    Awesome job Jeff, and love the infographic, recommending it highly!

  • I’ll be sure to share this out – the quick, useful info is awesome (I like a long, detailed post as much as anyone else, but gimme the good stuff!).

    It’s all about images on FB – things aren’t all that shareable or interesting without them, especially from brands or businesses. In fact, even most images from brands and businesses aren’t usually particularly interesting and the ones with big budgets end up clogging news feeds.

    Small businesses with a stake in social need to make original, fun or provocative images to keep ahead. Easier said than done though! Time and budget can be a real pain sometimes!

  • sara

    I love the graphic, but I would like to see some examples of actual “perfect” facebook posts

    • Paolo_Sini

      Read @garyvee JJJGH book and you’ll find clear examples of perfect posts for Fb, Twitter, Pintetest