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The World’s 10 Most Engaged Facebook Pages

On Facebook having a vast multitude of fans is great but without engagement it is just a sterile content farm. This is what we would have called in the past Web 1.0 where it is all a one way conversation.The Worlds 10 Most Engaged Facebook Pages

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The social web with its intuitive, easy to use technology with high speed wireless broadband available anywhere, anytime has created a vibrant living web where conversations, interactions and engagement happen on many levels in rich multimedia, from video chat  to text messages and online chat.

Any marketing starts with some form of engagement and motivating an interaction whether it is a comment about an article in a newspaper to a friend, a note made in a diary or the opening of a direct mail advertisement.

On Facebook engagement takes several forms.

So What is Engagement on Facebook?

Engagement is any interaction which happens on the Facebook page and includes

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares

It is interesting to note that the most popular does not get ranked in this list as the most engaging Facebook page with the highest level of interactions but it certainly helps.

What Drives High Engagement?

A recent interview with Aaron Tabor the creator of Facebook’s most engaging page  ‘Jesus Daily‘ provides some insights.

As a gene therapy researcher, physician, and son of a pastor, I’ve been around emotional suffering and physical death for much of my life. I wanted to create a page that encouraged and inspired people with Jesus’ words because of this family and career background. We have people asking daily for prayers regarding breast cancer, divorce, and to find jobs. The page is fulfilling its purpose.”

It appears that the more emotive the topic the greater the engagement and it doesn’t get much more emotive than religion, suffering and death. In this top 10 list (sourced from AllFacebook.com) you have religion, music, football, public figures and a comedian!

The Top 10 Most Engaged Facebook Pages

1. Jesus Daily

Fans: 7,592,072

Interactions: 2,716,671

Jesus Daily Facebook Page

2. Justin Bieber

Fans: 33,497,307

Interactions: 1,247,852

Justin Bieber Facebook Page

3. Mario Teguh

Fans: 4,461,750

Interactions: 1,135,732

Mario Teguh Facebook Page

4. The Bible

Fans: 7,925,037

Interactions: 1,005,003

The Bible Facebook Page

5. Terima Kasih Ibu

Fans: 2,696,826

Interactions: 537,581

Terima Kasih Ibu Facebook Page

6. Lady Gaga

Fans: 41,281,907

Interactions: 480,221

Lady Gaga Facebook Page

7. Manchester United

Fans: 17,361, 660

Interactions: 477,988

Manchester United Facebook Page

8. Rihanna

Fans: 41,400,562

Interactions: 420,509

Rihanna Facebook Page

9. Real Madrid

Fans: 17,361,660

Interactions: 405,484

Real Madrid Facebook Page

10. Werevertumorro

Fans: 2,372,252

Interactions: 404,639

Werevertumorro Facebook Page

So you don’t have to be the most liked Facebook page to drive high engagement but emotive topics will certainly be the major catalyst for creating interaction.

How could you increase your engagement?

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