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Why Do People Use Twitter? View Latest Survey Results Update

Twitter Power Poll Survey
Twitter Power Poll Survey

So the results for the “Twitter Power Poll Survey Number Two: What Do You Use Twitter For?  are both expected but maybe a little disturbing for the  Triple T’s..the ” Twitter Tragic Traditionals”, who think Twitter should be only about engaging and communicating.

With 152 votes currently counted here is the state of play with the results ranked from the most popular  to the least

  1. Communicate and engage  22%
  2. ReTweet links (Content) 18%
  3. Send Out Links To Sites where content is thought as valuable (Content) 16%
  4. Drive Traffic 13%
  5. Create Friendships 10%
  6. Generate More Followers 8%
  7. Develop Leads 5%
  8. Other 5%
  9. Service Customers 3%

So if you group these into three logical categories then you get an interesting scenario that emerges from a judgement and assessment of combining certain groupings percentages.

Category 1: Relational Motivation (Communicate and Engage # 1 and Create Friendships #5 ) Total 32%

Category 2: Promotional Motivation (Drive Traffic #4, Generate More Followers 8% and Develop Leads#7) Total 26%

Category 3: Information Motivation (ReTweet Links #2 and Send Out Links To Sites #3)  Total 34%

If you consider that distributing information ( Category 3), is very much an integral  part of  promotion (Category 2) and by combining Category Two and Three for a total of 60%, then it could be argued that Twitter is emerging from it’s adolesence as a highly efficient technology platform that people are increasingly utilizing to get their message out, “Drive Traffic” , generate buzz, create leads and sales rather than be just a relational platform.

What do you think? Is this an assessment you agree with?

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