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Why You Should Blog Before you Twitter

A blog does take effort, time and commitment and along with your website is the foundation or “HomeBase” for your content. The corporate blog should be the cornerstone to your social media strategy that will be read for years and will help establish you and your company as a thought leader that will get people coming back again and again to your website and blog.

A Blog is your homebase that you own and control and your company’s social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn  and Facebook are the outposts that you should place some of your core content as appropriate for that particular channel.

In this video we look at some of the reasons why a blog is  so important.

If you want more in depth comprehensive details go to my article “20 Reasons Why You Should Blog Before You Twitter

So, do you prefer to Blog or Tweet?

20 Reasons Why You Should Blog Before You Twitter20 Reasons Why You Should Blog Before You Twitter

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