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Writing process and writing guidelines

Want to write for JeffBullas.com?

Over the past five years the guest blogging community has grown rapidly at JeffBullas.com.

I receive a LOT of requests for guest article contributions.

Guest blogging is a great opportunity to gain exposure to our community of millions of readers, but with that privilege comes some expectations.

For us to publish your blog post you must first thoroughly read the rest of this page so that you understand the process and the standards of quality we expect.

After reading this page you can submit your guest blogging request here.

The process

In the form above, please submit 3 potential topics with a short introduction for each so that we can see the context and standard of writing to be expected. Preferably the topics should be something that you are passionate about and have expertise and experience with.

Also, the types of topics the community expects are about social media, digital marketing, marketing, digital technology for business, entrepreneurship, startups, growth marketing, content marketing and all that sits in those ecosystems.

After submitting your suggested topics we will respond to you with feedback with the goal of locking down a topic you can then write about. Once the topic has been decided, it’s up to you to write a compelling article that meets our quality guidelines below.

Once your draft is submitted we will review the article and ask you to submit 5 different headlines for the chosen topic.

You can use this resource from my friends at BuzzSumo as inspiration for the headline writing:

Below are the writing guidelines. Please ensure that it meets these as a minimum.

The writing guidelines

Your article must be a unique post and not published anywhere else. Also it must not be promotional, but you can link to your website once within the body text if it is contextually relevant.

I am also looking for an angle in the post that has some form of “X” factor. I don’t want to read the “obvious” that everyone already knows. Surprise me and the reader with some insights and examples or even case studies.

Blog posts need to be a minimum of 1,000+ words and educational in style. Also they must have screenshots or images to show visually how to do something or illustrate a point.

Here are a few good examples:

Another requirement is to make sure that they are well structured, proofread and grammatically correct. Some techniques to consider are; short sentences, short paragraphs, simple words, bullet points and sub titles.

Look over the last couple of weeks of posts and you will see the standard required.

The preferred format for article submission is in a Word document with visuals ready to enter into WordPress.

We reserve the right to remove links and edit the content for readability before final publication.

Submit your guest blogging request here.