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  • susn

    I agree with all of this, but I have a problem with the following:

    Top footballers on a few hundred thousand a week can come home and find the most enjoyment is to play Grand Theft Auto (that only cost them $40) on their playstation.

    You lead up to that with the idea that money isn’t necessary for happiness, and my hope would be that some things that matter, like time with kids or whatever, would follow. Instead – this sorry statement. That ANYONE finds their greatest happiness comes from playing a game that glorifies theft, rape and murder – of civilians and cops, no less…shows us what a low we have reached as a species. Ugh…makes me like the NFL even less.

    I realize this wasn’t the point of the article, but including such a pathetic statistic seems a poor choice to me…although I guess you are just telling it like it is…

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  • http://www.manifestingchanges.com Beth Moore

    Hi, Jeff,
    I loved that example of your nephew! Kids have such a simplistic view of things in general. If only we adults can hold on to that.
    And though I’ve seen the Havard survey before but I never get tired of reading it each year as the year ends and the new one begins. Goals and writing them down are so important in achieving them. Not that I’m a pro at it.
    I’m still learning and trying to figure out how to achieve all my goals each and every year. I think part of achieving them for some of us is that we don’t put down all the steps to get there. At least that is my theory. We shall see if I am right at the end of this year.
    Have a great year! I’ll check back as I would love to read what else you have written.

  • http://quinnandco.com Florence Quinn

    Right on, Jeff! Last year we stopped visioning at my firm while we made lemons out of lemonade. Next month, with our fab coach, Grace Andrews, we will vision again….it’s five years from now, imagine you are waking up…what is going on… This way our visions start with no censorship or editing. Return to mojo!

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  • http://www.twitter.com/NXTMedia AmyC

    I’m glad you tweeted this link tonight, Jeff. Even well into the new year, it’s good to take a moment to evaluate our goals for the year, assess progress, and make adjustments if needed. Or, if we didn’t get around to setting goals for this year, it’s not too late. Better to do it now than not at all; if you don’t know your target, it’s hard to hit it, right?

    Oh, and I also really love the story of your nephew. What a precious moment! What a precious thought! I hope his dream came true!


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  • John Lawrence

    I have a dream for 2010/2011. I am music therapist but I have always been fascinated by computers and more recently, social networking and e-learning. I would love to show my fellow therapists the advantages of utilizing the internet and various applications but most people tend to be stuck in the “dark ages” (The last conference of a major music therapy association did not even utilize wireless internet and finally had projectors available for presenters).

    My dream is this – I am currently in the planning stages of the first, inaugural Online Conference for Music Therapy. I would love to see this conference be a success, with lots of international and student participation.

    I am challenged by the lack of assistance in the planning process, as yet – no major association endorsement, and financial resources.

    I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions

    John Lawrence
    Edmonton, AB
    Ph: (780) 288-1390
    E-mail: jlmt@telus.net
    Twitter: JLisaMT

    • http://lucaslu.tumblr.com Lucas

      Wow! John your online music therapy is a really fascinating and yet useful idea! I wish you the best and keen on seeing you fly high! Best of luck!

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  • http://twitter.com/JuanLulli Juan Lulli

    Saw the post originally about a year ago > but extremely relevant and topical stuff, particularly as regards disciplining out the core categories of goals setting. Nice Jeff.

  • http://twitter.com/RexAGoGo Rex Hall

    My father was always reminding me to set goals and to focus on “what” you want and not the “how” I’m going to get there.  Like a ship at sea, you many not be able to see your destination, but you steer for it until it comes into view.

  • http://twitter.com/christovanzyl Christo van Zyl

    I started this process a few years ago and have found it to be true. At the end of every year I set my goals for the next year and then do not re-visit them at all until the next year. I have found that more often than not I had achieved more than 70% of those goals, and, the ones I missed seems to be completed at most a year or two later. The process really works and I will make adjustments to monitor them more closely so that I can achieve more goals more often. Thanks for the post

  • http://twitter.com/socialuk1 socialuk

    Great post and so true…

  • Sushil Krishna

    lovely post..! Love go through this one..!!
    Quite inspiring ..!

    Thanks Jeff..!

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  • Lee Atherton

    I agree with all you’ve said. If we have no place we’re headed, how can we ever get there? Having that clear destination makes it possible to create a roadmap and not spend time just wandering.

  • http://www.orangecopywriting.com/ Glenn

    Good work Jeff!

    Speaking from experience (Sales & Marketing Manager) I’d say that one of the main reasons that people don’t set / write down / commit to their goals is fear of failure – if they subsequently don’t achieve them.

    Many people would rather go through life accepting what is given to them rather than shaping their own future. Each to their own, of course.

    Take action!

    Thanks for sharing,

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