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  • http://www.theorganicview.com June Stoyer

    Thank you for reinforcing the fact that I can state my opinion! After all, EVERYONE is entitled to MY opinion! lol

  • Michael

    This has to be one of the most useful blog posts I have come across in a while. Nice work

  • http://www.melodylealamb.com Melody Lea Lamb

    Another great collection of tips Jeff! I have a small, yet (to me) powerful example of social networking’s influence on my business. Today, as I was competing in the 10K race and fundraiser that I’ve been promoting via Twitter, my Blog, Facebook and my newsletter, a fellow runner passed me and said “I follow your blog!” This was especially exciting for me since the race was about 75 miles from where I live! She recognized the “Art For Critters” logo on my shirt. Gotta love it!

    • http://www.WebTechUniverse.com Dave Heinrich

      You go, Melody! Well done! Now do it again & again! Ciao.

  • Jami Dix

    My favorite line is “facilitates face to face opportunities and intensifies my personal and professional interaction,…”. That reason alone should persuade someone to start dabbling into social media. Really great article.

  • Lezlie Davis

    Jeff – I agree with Michael. This is one of the most useful posts I’ve seen. You hit a home run with this! Thanks!

  • http://www.WebTechUniverse.com Dave Heinrich

    Jeff! There’s another 10 reasons why your blog always does so well! I’d like to second the notion of this being one of the most useful posts I’ve seen lately!

    I visited one of my favorite sites (for a long time now) http://www.drweil.com. He & his crew/site have been doing LOTS of this sort of thing, encouraging this sort of dialogue & exchange with their community for many years. This past Friday, they actually closed their entire “Forum” section & directed all the conversations to their extensive collection of Social Media sites! That’s how powerful & vibrant the “conversation in the Cloud” has become!

    This post of yours does an excellent job of laying out the scope of just what you already do yourself & that we all need to be reminded of regularly! Many thanks for the inspiration!

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  • http://www.BrentPurves.com?s=jeff-bullas brent purves

    I like these points: Build things that really help people. Meet people offline. Find creative ways you can integrate social media with traditional and other digital media. Great summary, Jeff. tx.

    Question: What’s the latest things you’ve been trying or seeing happen that are successful in integrating social media with offline & digital media?

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  • http://www.essentialwholesale.com Kayla Fioravanti

    Awesome information. I love number 9!

  • http://RichardBejah.com Richard Bejah

    I agree definately with MIchael above! RICH :0)

  • http://www.lewishowes.com Lewis Howes

    Thanks for the reference Jeff, this is a great post, even if I wasn’t in it I’d still think it was awesome :)

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  • http://www.friedwires.com Brady Lewis

    This is a very inspiring post. It’s great information and really makes you think about what you can do to get your name and message out. Thanks!

  • http://www.minoritysportzreport.com laMont

    Awesome Article! You give a lot of insight on things I was clueless about.. been blogging sports for a few months now. I have a question for those who may read this comment. How do I get folks to comment on my post. I’ve commented on several blogsites, but not able to get comments onto mine..

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  • Great Wedding Facts

    Awesome information thanks

  • http://buildingabusiness.co/ Bonnie Chomica

    Thank you for yet another enlightening post, Jeff. Telling stories and being personal really helps your blog resonate with people. Cheers!

  • Mothermoo2001

    I’m learning to be the storyteller for the storytellers. I write 2 blogs my own http://www.carolynstearnsstoryteller.blogspot.com  and I blog for the New England Storytellers at http://www.lanesrepct.blogspot.com as practitioners of spoken word performance they have been a bit slow to embrace technology but are coming around to it. Your blog is helping me learn the game and make a difference. thanks

  • http://twitter.com/SeanIM Sean Mitchell

    Great post Jeff.  I’ve been seeing a lot of your stuff lately on twitter and dig it…keep bringing it on.  :)

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  • arunvsarma

    Great post, Jeff! Lots of valuable points in there :)

  • Cheval John

    Agree with all of this, Jeff. Definitely want to get better at building my online influence. Glad you have been doing great and love learning from you.