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  • http://www.melodylealamb.com Melody Lamb

    Very cool list Jeff, thanks for sharing it with us!

  • http://ModelSuppliesBlog.com Anita Nelson

    Great list~! I’m surprised how many I do not know. I guess I’ll have to get to know them now ;-)

    Anita @ModelSupplies

  • http://www.ruhanirabin.com Ruhani Rabin

    Nicely curated now just have to make it to a list :)

  • http://www.essentialwholesale.com Kayla @EssentialU

    This is great information! I just ended my PR relationship partly because they didn’t use social media to promote me…they had 422 followers…lots less then the ones above!

  • http://RichardBejah.com Richard Bejah

    What a GREAT list… So many new friend I did not know until now. Though it is a small world nowadays.. I had around 33% already as followers.. Hopefully I can make a bunch of new friends now. Definately would have taken Liliana Dumitru-Steffens a long time to put together! THANKS RICH :0)

  • http://www.summerhills.com Bangalow Accommodation

    Excellent list – thank you so much :) You can tell a lot of work has gone into it, not only splicing across Twitter but also FaceBook and other SM.

  • http://stevegarfield.com steve garfield

    I’d love to see all these twitter accounts put into a twitter list.


  • http://oooooozoooooone.com Fatin

    You did a real hard work Jeff, a great list, hard to find it for myself without your help!
    A llot of thanks

  • http://stevefarnsworth.wordpress.com Steve Farnsworth

    I’m a big fan of a lot of these folks on the list, so thank you for your take on it, but I have to take exception to one of them: @JonathanCheban. Really? Is it just me, or does it seem like calling Jonathan Cheban a PR pro is like calling Paris Hilton an actress?


  • http://d.hatena.ne.jp/naraiwao/ Iwao Nara

    Thank you for your “Big List” , I’d like to visit them step by step.
    From Japanese Last SAMURAI.

  • http://www.RochelleVeturis.com Rochelle Veturis

    Jeff: What a pleasure to come across this post today. It’s an honor to be included, and I must say, there are some incredible tweeps on this list.

    Thank you for highlighting “White Hat PR” pros. They are inspiring, creative and humble, and represent the best our industry has to offer. (#HintHint @PRsarahEvans @LeeOdden @BrianSolis @DannyBrown @JasonKintzler @RachelaKay @Shonali @missusP @MarkRaganCEO @TDefren @JulieBonnheath)

  • http://www.perkettprsuasion.com Christine Perkett

    Jeff, thanks for this – what I find interesting is that you asked a question (Who do you think is the most influential and how could you measure that?) but no one is really answering it… hmmm. I think no one is sure. If I had to take a stab – without any actual measurement or analytics – I’d bet Brian Solis. But not based on his numbers or even his Twitter presence… rather, his overall online persona and shared content, data, work.

    I’d really be interested in who can solve this “influence” question although I suppose it changes minute to minute and so by definition, is therefore “unsolvable.” Is it who has the biggest follower numbers? Who engages the most? Who drives the most traffic? Best blog? I’d bet Hubspot has some ideas on this.

    I was certainly flattered to be on the original list but I asked the same question you did – do numbers = influence? You can buy followers and I do know that at least one person on this list did. I watched the account from day 1 and I saw it happen. I was shocked. And sadly, that person didn’t need to do it – but obviously recognized it could build numbers very quickly. But did it buy her/him influence? I don’t know. If it did, what does that say for influence? I’ve been on Twitter for almost 4 years now and I watch, mine, build and tweak my list myself. It’s not perfect. But it’s genuine. But again, what does that say for influence?

    In any event, it’s an interesting question and debate – especially when it comes to PR influencers (see my recent thoughts on PR execs as influencers; would love your insights: http://bit.ly/96n9qh).

    Thanks for continuing the conversation.

    Oh, and also – favorite comments so far – Steve Farnsworth and Rochelle Veturis. I am so grateful for their intelligence and the fact that I have been introduced to them – and many others like you – via this wonderful thing we call social media. :)

    Christine Perkett

    • http://www.twitter.com/rockfish steveplunkett

      You could measure it with the PR component of PeerIndex it also bases ranking on authority just not followers as above.

  • http://Www.michelleblac.com Michelle Blanc

    I’m touched to be a part of this prestigious list especially for the fact that I mainly tweet and blog in French. Big thank’s !

  • http://www.sourcebottle.com.au Rebecca Derrington

    Wow, thanks so much for sharing the list Jeff. Some very impressive names up there, so I’m delighted to be a part of it. And big thanks to the painstaking efforts of Liliana Dumitru-Steffens for compiling it.

  • ellymc

    This is a really interesting list, but would be great if it showed the following ratio as well as followers.

  • http://twitter.com/RoosterComms Rooster Comms

    Thanks for sharing this list….quite informative.

  • Allison

    This is a great list but it seems to deal only with American Tweeters/PRs. Would love to see an Australian-only list

    Allison Lee

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  • Kelli

    How did she determine who works in the PR/Marketing field? I would consider my husband to be in that field, with overlapping of others. I notice, despite a larger following to almost half of the other users, he in not included.

  • http://twitter.com/khare_sidd Siddharth Khare

    i think now u need to put a revised list under this heading as many of the twitter pages now does not exists (77.
    India PR Blog – 8,598 followers) and ppl like  92.SaurabhSaggi – (7,507 followers) has been twitting only twice or thrice a year.

  • http://twitter.com/biztag Biztag.com

    Thx for the tweet.. Like the pic in this blog too. *biztag

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