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  • Happsters from Happsters.com

    This is the best list I’ve ever seen for marketing your blog. Thank you!

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  • http://about.me/denny.mccorkle Denny McCorkle

    Thanks Jeff. Love to read your blog. I also liked this post and infographic. Your posts clearly display your curiosity and ability to synthesize your experience and readings.

  • Venchito Tampon

    Thanks for sharing my infographic Jeff. :)

  • Aleks George

    Quite an amazing infographic. The largest and most in-depth I’ve ever come across. I’d be curios to know how long it took to create. Great job.

    • Venchito Tampon

      Hi Aleks. I wrote the 120 points on my blog for about 3-4 weeks and decided to come up with an infographic to cover them all. The infographic took 4 days to finish.

  • http://www.ckwrites.com ckwrites2

    I am gobsmacked – I think that’s an Aussie term? Thank you Jeff – this is nothing short of amazing – I doubt anyone but you could have put this together. Any chance of some kind of workbook or iPad app to make this a bit easier to work with?


    Wow this article has been informative i took away some gold Nuggets an will be using some of these strategies today especially the commentluv & Triberr thanks for the advice an great Tips.

    Elia Santiago

    • Venchito Tampon

      Thanks Elia! :D I’ll be publishing an infographic maybe next year. I”ll find points that are not usually covered in the blogging community.

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  • http://www.ringcentral.com/voip-services/index.html VoIP Service

    Great list of marketing tactics I learned a lot from this and need I say this is a very informative article

  • D. Kruegel

    Wow, that is a very comprehensive to-do list. For most of the tips I simply don’t have the time to do them, or they don’t apply to my target audience (Germany).

    One comment about using automatic translation tools (Transposh is mentioned here) to reach out to foreign readers: People will realize that a blog post has been machine translated and they might just not take the blog serious because of that. Also machine translations are not perfect. The translation might be complete rubbish. Even the wrong translation of one single word can make a whole blog post look ridiculous. In my opinion it is better to stick to the languages you can actually speak, or try to find like-minded bloggers in the target foreign language and cooperate with them.

    About Technorati: If you blog in another language than English, Technorati won’t include your blog into their system, because they don’t have non-English resources to check non-English blogs on their compliance with Technorati’s terms of use.

    And another remark: Reactions on blogs are different in different countries. I realized that in the US, people like to comment a lot, even if it is just a “Great info, thanks!” In Germany (my target market) people are most of all consuming blog content and they might only comment (if at all) if they really have to add something to the blog article or disagree with the blog content. Even the author of one of the most influential blogs in Germany (basicthinking.de) was wondering why he doesn’t get as many comments as before on his widely read blog articles, although his audience grew.

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  • venkyiyer58

    Thank you. I have saved this infographic and will be referring to it often as I launch my new blog.

    • Venchito Tampon

      I’m glad that you liked my infographic. :)

  • aliceheiman

    So many great tips, so little time. I love your articles and always try to pick one or two things and implement them.Thanks for sharing! One of my tips for people getting started with blogging is to brainstorm 52 ideas and 2 key points for each. Then keep that list handy when you write your weekly blog.

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  • http://www.dream2hope.blogspot.com/ al-noman

    i think this post a great post, you can find more knowledge at twipquick

  • RichSpaulding

    Bookmarked. What a fantastic list! Most of the list is a refresher, but some new marketing techniques were very interesting! Looking forward to trying out some of the paid tactics. Thanks Jeff.

  • Abby Edgley Edgley

    Smart and this inforgraphic is getting smarter throughout social shares and mouth markeitng. Thanks for sharing.. Hope will get more..


  • Chaz Daum

    Love these suggestions! That infographic might win some prizes for how long it is but there was definitely quality in the quantity of info. I would still consider myself fairly new to the world of blogging. I was particularly interested in your tips regarding Quora and other sites, engaging with people in areas other than the blog is a definite priority for me.

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  • Adriana Zoder

    About one month into blogging I thought about quitting because I realized how much work it was going to be if I was going to maintain five social channels plus write a book plus post twice a week plus send regular emails etc etc. :) But then I decided to divide and conquer and prioritize. First, I make sure my posts are ready to go. Then, I do as much as I can on my social media channels. Finally, if I have any time, I will continue to write my book. I have put emails to the backburner until I get settled into a routine with the first three. :) Thanks for all the info, btw.

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  • Andrew Olivares

    Wow, so many great tips that I need to try. Thanks for the article. I like to use Snapzen to help me talk with others about topics and taking screen shots of things I want to try. http://youtu.be/2Bo6LcGXIuc

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  • Lynie Copywriter

    Successful writers should be able to write compelling and engaging content on a consistent basis over time. Successful bloggers need to remember always to keep heads around many different aspects. European Copywriters

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  • Philip Cross

    I have to give it to you Jeff…

    It’s not often I come across an Infographic that is so comprehensive and interesting that I bookmark it so that I can come back and actually “study” it.
    Thank you for an absolutely phenomenal resource that has made the activity of consuming so much great material actually fun.

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      Thanks Phil. I will take that as a big “thumbs up” :)

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  • peterzmijewski

    It is an enormously inspiring post, these marketing tactics are very much effective and useful. Thanks a lot for sharing.
    Peter Zmijewski – CEO at KeywordSpy

  • http://www.myonlineincomejourney.com/ Dionne

    Awesome list, and family members could be the worst people to tell your dreams to, great post Jeff.

  • http://tipsbisnisonline.com Karel Laoh

    Thank you for giving some valuable tips to become a successful blogger.I hope this will help me a lot…


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