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  • http://WWW.EXTRA-CASH-ONLINE.COM/ Robert Connor

    So much to learn so little time!

  • Geoffrey Winn

    Hey Jeff Why did you choose to put the eBook here and not Amazon (was it there originally?)

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  • Diana Marie

    Love this post. I am happy I just released my brand new ebook called Pictures That Speak. I wish to share this with you here: http://www.vaforlife.com/pictures-that-speak/

  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    Dear AJ
    On pricing It seems the $9.97 USD works well
    Place your ebook on your blog, Amazon and Apple
    Good reviews help sell it on Amazon and giving away some for free works
    This may help http://www.jeffbullas.com/2013/10/08/should-you-sell-your-ebook-on-amazon-or-your-blog/

  • http://www.thesocialcafeclub.com Shelly @ TheSocialCafeClub

    Thanks for a great post Jeff, writing a book is on my list this year, though having recently attended a “Key Person of Influence” brand accelerator seminar, it was suggested that it should also be available in physical format – not really as a sale item – more as a “business card” that helps build credibility. Funnily enough after I was given a signed copy of the book – I bought the e-book version for convenience anyway!

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  • Sam J

    Guys download these book 50 book summaries that will drastically improve your entrepreneurial skills in less than couple of days.. @ http://www.thebillionairesbrain.com ……………………..

  • http://TrueColors360.com/ Jeffrey Friend

    Wow, this is crazy timing! I literally just finished my ebook. It took me 6 months to write a 14-page ebook! Lol. But in the end it was a great experience. The hard part was chiseling it down so that it’s more precise and “fluff-less”.

    It’s so true that the most important part of this process is to start…now. It takes much longer than you’d think, and you don’t want to be in the same place three months from now kicking yourself for continuously putting it off.

    I went the free ebook route for this one. It’s called Be With The Bacon: A Simple 2-Step Method To Actually Slow Down Time. Here’s the link if anyone is interested in reading it: http://www.smallstepsbigchanges.com/be-with-the-bacon-ebook

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  • http://www.webmarcom.net/ Jody Raines

    What I like about your articles is that you stuff them with so many actionable ideas that you cannot help but be inspired. Even if we think we know what we are doing (and many of us think we do) having you to help guide and add pointers reinforces what we think we know and points out those areas that we really didn’t. Invariably there are wonderful nuggets in each of your posts that are helpful and “AHAH” moments. Thank you for continuing to share your knowledge and insights!

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      Thanks Jody My goal is to provide those AHAH moments :)

      • http://www.webmarcom.net/ Jody Raines

        Mission accomplished, Jeff!

  • http://ibizreviews.com Nick Logan

    Great info Jeff! I am just about to start my Kindle business, two books ready to get published. I will definitely follow some of your insights here.

  • Marshal

    I suppose I could market by going onto terrific forums like this and posting my website and blogs right? Like if I put down http://www.raiseyourgloves.com or my blog http://www.marshalburnham.wordpress.com that would work wouldn’t it?? Just my idea
    Also thanks for this, it’s terrific. I’ve Learned much.

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  • http://www.bookwhirl.com/ Bookwhirl.com

    Nice read. For me, I’ll start with a great content, formally formatted, and a great cover.

  • http://www.bookwhirl.com/ Bookwhirl.com

    Great read. For me, I would start by creating a great title and content, formally formatted and a great cover.

  • Hiren vaghela

    Great piece of content Jeff. You nailed it. Just found useful free ebook for all beginners who want to start their website promotion. Quite easy to learn. Get your copy from here: http://goo.gl/3uL52B

  • Stephen Karigo

    Excellente – got more from this one than many others

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