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10 Top Small Business Facebook Page Designs to Inspire You

Facebook pages is the place where a lot of inspiring  innovation, marketing and design is happening on the social web.10 Top Small Business Facebook Page Designs to Inspire You

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Major brands are often worth checking out as they can wow you with the the latest in innovation such as Facebook stores, inspiring embedded videos and designs that look like they cost a fortune. If you want to obtain some good ideas it is a good business practice to emulate elements of the most popular Facebook pages in the world such as Lady Gaga or one of the top company Facebook pages StarBucks.

Most companies think they don’t have the budgets and resources to take it to that level.

Some smaller companies who have realised the importance of a Facebook page as an extension of their website and blog  are also providing great examples of what can be done on Facebook without big budgets.

Social Media Examiner is running a competition for the best Facebook pages for small business so I thought it would be worth taking a closer look at some of the finalists.

Keep in mind that design is not just how a Facebook page “looks’ it goes much deeper than that it is also how “it works”

10 Top Small Business Facebook Page Designs

1.  Arizona Pro DJ’s

Facebook Likes: 10, 128

What’s to Like about this Facebook Page:

1. It looks professional and makes the company look credible and maybe bigger than it is.

2. Provides email sign up tab for capturing those all important email subscribers to add to the database

3. YouTube page with testimonials to capture the excitement in a multimedia format

Arizona Pro DJ Facebook Page

2. Brasserie Sixty6

Facebook Likes: 4,649

What’s to Like about this Facebook Page:

1. A custom “Welcome” tab that makes the landing page a design that invites rather than turning up to a the wall page

2. A reviews page that displays third party and authentic testimonials

3. Menu is included in a custom tab page so customers don’t have to click away to the website

Brasserie Sixty6 Facebook Page

3. Crafty Mumma’s

Facebook Likes: 13,172

What’s to Like about this Facebook Page:

1. Eye catching design that promotes the brand

2. The Facebook “Showcase Saturday” page makes it easy for Crafty Mumma to showcase clients work. Promoting clients on your Facebook page is a marketing tactic that promotes sharing which is what powers the social web and always works well.

3. A “Promote Your Product” custom tab and page that captures email.

Crafty Mummas Facebook Page

4. Kimberly Castleberry

Facebook Likes: 2,009

What’s to Like about this Facebook Page:

1. There is a custom tab landing page

2. You can buy her eBook on her Facebook site from her “Shop Now” tab

3. Links to her blog and LinkedIn from the menu on the Facebook page

Kim Castleberry Facebook Page

5. Easy LunchBoxes

Facebook Likes: 11,155

What’s to Like about this Facebook Page:

1. Eye catching branded “Welcome!” page

2. Links to “YouTube” , Twitter and the Blog on the landing page as well as the menu

3. Newsletter signup tab for that all important email subscriber acquisition

Easy Lunch Boxes Facebook Page

6. GardenQuest

Facebook Likes: 55,607

What’s to Like about this Facebook Page:

1. Welcome landing tab that provides unique content when the page is “liked”

2.Their Facebook page makes it easy and provides a call to action to share the game with friends

3. Photo page that provides high definition images

GardenQuest Facebook Page

7. HiredMyWay

Facebook Likes: 1,281

What’s to Like about this Facebook Page:

1. Multimedia “Welcome” landing page with great branding and a high definition online video

2. Custom tab with a referral program

3. Link to the the company blog in the menu

HiredMyWay.com Facebook Page

8. How to Market Your Horse Business

Facebook Likes: 3,979

What’s to Like about this Facebook Page:

1. Branded Landing page done with a custom tab

2. Sign up for email newsletter on the Facebook page

3. A review page that displays third party independent testimonials

How to Market Your Horse Business Facebook Page

9.Illegal Jack’s South West Grill

Facebook Likes: 2,734

What’s to Like about this Facebook Page:

1. To grab a “special deal”  you have to like the page

2. Good branding

3.  Includes a “Foursquare” Tab from PlaceWidget

Illegal Jacks Facebook Page

10. Intrepid Travel

Facebook Likes: 78,645

What’s to Like about this Facebook Page:

1. This Facebook page taps into the popularity of games and competitions on Facebook and this has resulted in the highest number of Facebook likes in this list. To enter the competition you have to like the page

2. Holidays and travel is all about the experiences, and photos  are the best way to capture that. A photos page is populated with hundreds of high definition images

3.  You can search and find tours on the Facebook page without having to leave and go to a website.

Intrepid travel Facebook Page

These 10 Facebook pages highlight that you don’t have to be a major brand to have a creative facebook page or one that engages with your audience and increases your fan base.

Which one did you like or are there some other small business Facebook pages you would recommend. Look forward  to reading your views.

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